Mindy McCready Dead at 37

Sometimes, you see tragedy coming for celebrities and you just know there is not much anyone can do to stop it.  How many people were surprised when Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died, even though it seemed to be coming for years. The same may be said for country singer Mindy McCready.  The singer’s brother announced that she committed suicide today in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  She was 37. McCready rose to fame at the young age of 21 when her debut album, Ten Thousand Angels, sold two million copies and produced four charts singles.  She became briefly engaged to actor … Continue reading

“Storage Wars” Mark Balelo Dies

My family loves “Storage Wars,” especially my eight-year-old son.  It is not uncommon to hear him running around my house yelling “Yuuup” like Dave Hester. I had to explain how Dave Hester, who is now suing A&E, isn’t going to be on the show anymore.  Hester is claiming that the whole show, based on people purchasing storage units that have been abandoned, is a sham and A&E plants valuable items in the units. Now, the show has suffered another tragedy that hopefully my son won’t notice.  Mark Balelo was a buyer that the show introduced in season 2.  A native … Continue reading

In Memoriam 2012 – Part 6

And, this is my final installment of the blog of famous people we lost in 2012, even though we still have one day left in the year: October 2012 10 – Alex Karras – Kidney Failure (77) Karras came to fame when he played in the NFL, but he had a second career as an actor.  He appeared in Blazing Saddles and starred as the father in “Webster.” 13 – Gary Collins – Natural Causes (74) Collins co-starred in “The Wackiest Ship in the Army”, “Iron Horse,” and “The Sixth Sense” as well as guest starred in many shows during … Continue reading

In Memoriam 2012 – Part 5

The list of those we lost in 2012 continues: August 2012 6 – Marvin Hamlisch – Respiratory Arrest (68) Hamlisch was an American composer and conductor who was part of the elite EGOTs – someone who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award.  He also won a Pulitzer Prize and two Golden Globes. He composed the theme song “The Entertainer” for The Sting and “The Way We Were” from the Barbra Streisand film. 14 – Ron Palillo – Heart Attack (63) Juan Epstein wasn’t the only Sweathog (“Welcome Back, Kotter”) that was lost this year.  Ron Palillo played … Continue reading

In Memoriam 2012 – Part 4

More of the famous people we lost in 2012: June 2012 2 – Richard Dawson – Esophageal Cancer (79) Dawson was a regular on “Hogan’s Heroes” but may be best remembered as the host of “Family Feud” for ten years and as a panelist on “Match Game.” 5 – Ray Bradbury – Unknown (91) Bradbury was one of the best selling fantasy/sci-fi/horror/mystery writers of the 20th century with novels such as “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Martian Chronicles.” 26 – Nora Ephron – Pneumonia (71) Ephron was a screenplay writer and you may have heard of a few of her movies … Continue reading

In Memoriam 2012 – Part 3

Not even halfway through 2012, and there’s already been a lot of celebrities we’ve lost this year.  Here’s some more: May 2012 2 – Patricia Medina – Natural Causes (92) Medina appeared in many films in the ‘40s and ‘50s including Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion, Plunder in the Sun, Fortunes of Captain Blood, and Phantom of the Rue Morgue. 2 – Junior Seau – Suicide (43) Seau was an NFL linebacker who played for the San Diego Chargers, the Miami Dolphins, and the New England Patriots.  He was elected to the All-Pro ten times, the Pro Bowl … Continue reading

In Memoriam 2012 – Part 2

More of the people we lost in 2012: March 2012 5 – Robert B. Sherman – Natural Causes (86) Songwriter Sherman wrote “It’s a Small World (After All)” and penned songs for other musicals including Mary Poppins, Charlotte’s Web, The Jungle Book, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 11 – Michael Hossack – Cancer (64) Hossack was the drummer for the Doobie Brothers, appearing on eleven of the band’s albums. 29 – Ronnie Montrose – Suicide (64) Montrose was a guitarist who had played with such acts as Sammy Hagar, Johnny Winter, Boz Scaggs, Van Morrison, and Sammy Hagar.  At the … Continue reading

In Memoriam 2012 – Part 1

It’s that time of the year again – to reflect on those we have lost.  Some deaths might have been expected, but many came as a shock to us.  Either way, all will be missed. January 2012 1 – Etta James – Leukemia (73) James had a beautiful voice and was lucky enough to see it appreciated by a whole new generation when songs such as “At Last” became popular again in the 2000’s.  James won six Grammys and 17 Blues Music Awards.  Her music crossed genres as she was also inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame … Continue reading

Hector “Macho” Camacho Dies

It’s not normally a sport girls like to watch a lot, but over the years, I’ve enjoying watching boxing from time to time and kept up with the bigger names in the sport. That’s why last Tuesday, when I learned Hector “Macho” Camacho was shot in the head in Puerto Rico, I was saddened. I remember watching Camacho, a Puerto Rican native, in the ring with his long, flashy trunks. His ring entrances were equally as flashy. Once, he came in dresses as a Roman warrior, including armor, once, he had a black mask on with a trunk that looked … Continue reading

Larry Hagman Dies at 81

Actor Larry Hagman passed away yesterday due to complications from throat cancer. He was 81. If you are close to my age (49), you may remember first seeing Hagman as Capt. Tony Nelson in “I Dream of Jeannie,” a slightly dumb, but popular show that ran from 1965 until 1970. Before that, he had appeared on television in shows such as “Sea Hunt” and “The Defenders,” but it was really “I Dream of Jeannie” that put Hagman on the map. After “Jeannie” ended, Hagman bounced around television, appearing in “Ellery Queen,” “Barnaby Jones,” and “The Rockford Files” while starring in … Continue reading