Obama Girls Going Hollywood?

Thanks to their father’s new job, we know President-elect Barack Obama’s two young daughters are headed to Washington, but if the folks at Disney have their way, Malia and Sasha Obama may have a chance to take Hollywood by storm as well. In a statement released earlier this week execs at the Disney Channel (one of the Obama girls’ favorite TV networks) invited the newest first children the opportunity to appear on the mega-popular hit series “Hannah Montana.” “We’re pleased that Malia and Sasha are fans and, as long as their parents say it’s OK, they are invited to the … Continue reading

It’s Not Barbie, It’s Bindi

She claims she doesn’t play with Barbie dolls, but perhaps she’ll make room on her shelf for her look-alike. Bindi Irwin is a doll. Really. The Emmy-winning daughter of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin can now sit in your child’s bedroom. Well, at least a 10-inch version of the spunky tyke can. Wild Republic, a division of K&M International Inc., based in Ohio, just announced it is developing two different Bindi dolls. The first Bindi Irwin doll sports khakis, puffy pigtails and hiking boots, and comes with binoculars, a camera and other outback gear, as well as a cockatoo, … Continue reading

How TV and Movies Have Infiltrated the World of Toys

There are two items on my 3-year-old’s Christmas list that she would be crushed if Santa did not bring her—-a minivan for her dollhouse and Squawkers McCaw the talking parrot. Interestingly, they are among the only toys in all of Toyland that are not tied to a movie or TV show. (Though, for the amount of times we’ve seen that Squawkers commercial, he might as well have had his own TV show.) If you have children or are shopping for kids this Christmas, you understand what I’m talking about. From action figures to bicycles to books, stuffed animals, Play-Doh and … Continue reading

Muslim “Barbie” Dolls Coming To A Store Near You… Maybe

If you have ever left a toy store frustrated because you were not able to find a modestly dressed doll I have good news for you. An Indonesian mother who couldn’t find a Barbie-like doll dressed in conservative fashions finally took matters into her own hands. Sukmawati Suryaman spent months designing the Salma Muslim doll for parents out there looking to inspire the virtue of modesty among young girls. The 28-year-old mother-of-one’s new creation exploded on the toy scene and now the Salma doll is the latest must-have toy for girls in Indonesia. The name Salma is derived from the … Continue reading

Fall Trends: Environmentally-Friendly School Supplies

In previous posts I’ve detailed “HOT” back-to-school fashion trends for students and flashback fashion ideas for moms. Today I’m revealing a new trend that is gaining popularity with both kids and parents—“green” school supplies. You’ve heard about homes “going green” and “green travel,” so you had to know that it was simply a matter of time before the must-have items in your child’s classroom went “green” as well. Want to show your kids how to save the planet? Then stock them up with the following environmentally friendly school supplies. Office Depot (along with other office supply stores and discount chains) … Continue reading

Why Celebrity Parents Are Going Gaga Over Munchkin

Most parents of babies and toddlers are familiar with the Munchkin brand. The company offers affordable products for the adorable droolers in your life; but what surprised me recently is the number of celebrity parents who have come out to endorse Munchkin products. Perhaps, I’m just jaded. After all, these are the same crop of celebs who don’t bat an eyelash at dropping $300 on a single pair of cotton PJs—for a newborn. Maybe, that’s why they are looking to spend less in other areas. Take for example, Munchkin’s new Jelly Bean slings and carriers. They were just unveiled at … Continue reading

Celebrity Baby Fashion

In a previous blog I told you about the tacky move made by NFL star quarterback Tom Brady’s current Brazilian model girlfriend. Gisele Bundchen sent Brady’s new son a $1000 gift basket featuring a onesie with the word “Supermodel” printed on the front. Catty–especially considering the current relationship between Bundchen, Brady, and Brady’s ex-girlfriend (and his baby’s mama) Bridget Moynahan. Anyway, back to the gift basket. The goodies were reportedly sent on the same day the famous football player mailed off his own gift basket to Moynahan filled with $2000 worth of baby items. So what exactly does one include … Continue reading

Dress Your Kids Like A Crocodile Hunter

Tuesday marks the first anniversary of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s tragic death off the Great Barrier Reef. You’ll recall the animal activist was killed when a stingray barb pierced his chest while he was taping a segment for his wildlife show. In the months since Irwin’s death, his 9-year-old daughter Bindi has made headlines picking up where he left off. Proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Irwin’s daughter has morphed into “Bindi the Jungle Girl” and now stars in a TV show bearing the same title. “Jungle Girl” Bindi lives in a tree house and hangs … Continue reading

Fashion Forward: Bulletproof Backpacks

Pencils. Check. Pens. Check. Notebooks. Check. Bulletproof backpack… Not exactly the type of item you want to see on your child’s back-to-school shopping list, but a couple of entrepreneurs from Boston think it should be there. If you thought a backpack’s main purpose was to be a fashion accessory, think again. Joe Curran, of My Child’s PackIt, says backpacks should serve multiple purposes, including acting as a weapon in the war against school violence. Curran started the bag company shortly after the shootings at Columbine in 1999. He and his buddy Mike Pelonzi say the idea for the bulletproof backpack … Continue reading

Are You A Part Of The “Bratz” Universe?

My daughter is three-years-old… and much to my delight she has not entered the Bratz zone… (Nor will she if I get my way). But, it seems I have my work cut out for me. Have you been to the toy store lately? The shelves are stocked with Bratz Babyz, Bratz Kidz, the Bratz RC cruiser, Bratz Shrek, Bratz alarm clocks, Bratz CDs, Bratz video games, Bratz cosmetics, and that’s just in the first aisle. The dolls with those famously huge heads and equally large pouty lips (not to mention their infamously toned midriffs) are EVERYWHERE! Gee, do you think … Continue reading