The Strike that Killed Twinkies

I woke up this morning in a good mood. I had been fighting off allergies or a cold, but I slept well last night. I happily came into work, looking forward to the weekend, the short workweek, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Then, the unimaginable happened. I logged into Facebook and saw that Hostess is shutting down. In case you aren’t aware, Hostess Brands, Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of bakery goods in the U.S. They are the makers of Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs, Nature’s Pride (I love that bread!), Ho Ho’s, Sno Balls (which I never liked – … Continue reading

Charles Darwin’s Race for Congress

I love our country and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but I think most of us would admit that election time – especially a presidential election – is just crazy. For instance, some people said they voted for Obama and the screen automatically switched to Romney, or vice versa. In some voting venues, mysterious “Please have a photo ID ready” signs showed up, even though photo IDs were not required. Some people were concerned that the deceased may be casting votes and some Florida results are still not clear – almost a week after the elections. But, I heard … Continue reading

Lady Gaga Gets Bigger

Lady Gaga’s fame has seen an incredible increase within the past few years. After the release of The Fame in 2008, which included the hit “Poker Face,” her career took off dramatically. That was followed up with The Fame Monster, which produced hits “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and “Alejandro.” She went on tour for 18 months and it became one of the highest grossing tours ever. Born This Way was released in 2011 and sold a bazillion copies (okay, not really, but it did sell over a million copies the first week it was released). She has a devoted following (her … Continue reading

Madonna’s Daughter Caught Smoking

It seems like I’ve read that teen smoking is down. But, that may not be the case if you are the teen of a celebrity. Just this week, Madonna’s 15-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon was photographed smoking with friends. Now, I’ve never smoked, but some who have may be thinking “What’s the big deal? It’s what you do when you are that age.” Part of the problem is at only 15; Lourdes shouldn’t be smoking for several reasons. First, she cannot legally buy cigarettes until she is 18. And second of all, we all know – smoking is bad for you. … Continue reading

Demi Moore Out of Control?

It’s been a rough few months for Demi Moore after splitting from hubby of six years, Ashton Kutcher. Moore, 49, hosted a party at her home last Monday, but was rushed to Sherman Oaks Hospital after reportedly suffering a seizure. The 911 call released by the Los Angeles Fire Department showed how out of control things may be. A friend called 911, asking for an ambulance, saying there was an emergency. The caller stated Moore “smoked something” – “not marijuana but it’s something similar to incense.” The caller went on to say Moore was having convulsions and was “semi-conscious.” When … Continue reading

Bill Maher, Tim Tebow, and Jesus

I don’t watch football, but I have more or less been forced to know who Tim Tebow is because everyone is talking about him. Plus, you can’t really surf the Internet without seeing someone tebowing. Tebowing is the act of dropping to one knee and praying thusly named such after Tim Tebow. As the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Tebow performs this gesture to thank God for his success during games. And tebowing has taken off like crazy, with videos and photos of people tebowing popping up all over the Internet. But, this week, Bill Maher came under fire … Continue reading

Tobey Maguire Folds

Celebrities love poker. Unfortunately, it is costing some more than they anticipated. It wasn’t their playing; it was who they were playing with. The celebs had started playing high-stakes underground poker with hedge fund operator Bradley Ruderman. The “hedge fund” phrase should throw up a red flag to anyone who’s been following the news the last few years. Like others, Ruderman was bilking investors out of their hard earned bucks. He was arrested by the FBI in 2009 for running a Ponzi scheme, which cost his investors about $44 million. Why did people invest with Ruderman? He was promising as … Continue reading

Tony, Tony, Tony!

What was Tony Bennett thinking this week? Right after the legendary singer celebrated his star-studded 85th birthday bash in New York City at the Metropolitan Opera House, he put his foot in his mouth. He appeared on the Howard Stern show this week and said that “we” caused 9/11. We as in America caused its own attack. Bennett was on the show to promote his new “Duets II” album when Stern asked him how the U.S. should deal with the terrorists, specifically those that masterminded the 9/11 attacks. After all, we just had the 10 year anniversary of the horrific … Continue reading

Kevin Smith Owes Tiger Woods

What do you do? You are a celebrity and you are involved in a scandal. Maybe you smacked around some paparazzi at the airport. Maybe you had a wardrobe malfunction. Or, maybe you were told you were too fat to fit into one seat in the airplane and talked about it. Such is the story of Kevin Smith. In February 2010, actor/writer/producer Smith found himself on a Southwest flight to Burbank. He usually bought two tickets, but this time, got in on an earlier flight with only one seat. Much to his dismay, he was asked to leave before the … Continue reading

Peter Jackson Wants Justice for the West Memphis Three

I blogged about Damiel Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin, known as the West Memphis Three, a little over a week ago in my Green Living category. I explained that this particular subject falls between pop culture and green living because celebrities have been involved trying to free these men but, it is also a case of social consciousness because a lot of people think they were railroaded into a conviction. Now, director Peter Jackson, known for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming The Hobbit series, has come on board to try and bring true justice for … Continue reading