New Year’s Resolutions to Get You Ready for a Real Estate Investment

For many, 2007 will be the year to buy a new home. As we get ready to enjoy the holidays, it will also be time to think of our real estate investment resolutions. Outside of actually buying the house itself, there are some goals to set along the way: 1. Get a detailed credit history report. Although it may take a while to have corrections on your credit report (if needed) show up, at least you can have a letter in your hand from the credit bureaus noting that the change was made. This will also give you a better … Continue reading

To Fill or Not to Fill the Footage

Does your house look empty? Sometimes going from a small house to a big one can be as aggravating as the opposite occurrence. Of course, it’s true that we are blessed when we get the opportunity to take advantage of more living space, but there can be some complications. For example, my family moved from Richmond to Chattanooga several years back. We were fortunate to move to an area with a slightly lower cost of living and housing demand. The house in Richmond had about 1,800 square feet, while our new one had almost 2,600! Not knowing what the future … Continue reading

House Hunting Like a Pro

After more than a few house hunting trips, my husband and I have gotten to the point where we can almost tell whether or not we would ever buy a house just by looking at the outside. In fact, on our last house hunt, I’m sure that we frustrated our realtor. Almost every house we saw had been prescreened with descriptions and photos on the real estate office’s web site, yet we wouldn’t even give them a chance once we stood in front of it in person. But let’s face it, how can an internet photo really show just how … Continue reading

You’re Not Settled into Your New Home Until…

All the tasks we do before, during and after a move help us adapt to our new dwelling. It is usually the tiny details, like hanging up that last picture, that make us feel like we’ve always lived there. However, there always seems to be some little reminder that pops up and makes you feel like you’re a little greener in your new surroundings than you thought. Here are thoughts and musings for all the recently moved and almost adapted: You’re not settled into your new home until that panic feeling stops awakening you every morning when you open your … Continue reading

Tidings of a December Closing

Or should I say, “we wish you a merry moving”? The house hunt started in July or August. You thought for sure that not only would you have found your new home by Christmas, but that you’d be completely moved in and settled. Sure a new home is the ultimate Christmas present, but philosophically speaking, how exactly is Santa going to fit your newly purchased house down the chimney? Sometimes the best solution for the December close is to first of all, not panic. No one can possibly expect your holiday activities to be at full throttle with an end … Continue reading

I Loved it When My Realtor…

A realtor has an unbelievable burden (no, I am not one). But, just imagine the many challenges that they encounter. They have picky buyers in a seller’s market, or sellers selling in a slow one. I have included some of the “best of” moments either personally experienced or that I have heard about from friends. Many of these are way above and beyond what anyone should expect from a great realtor. Also, we’re keeping it positive on this one, but along the road, expect to hear about the experiences on the other side. 1. Worked at any hour. There is … Continue reading

What is the Strangest Advice You’ve Gotten from Your Realtor?

Maybe your realtor told you to bake cookies or an apple pie the day that you will be showing your house to potential buyers, or to remove pictures of people from the walls so that they feel less intrusive and more able to envision your house as their own. Each time you get in the market to buy or sell a home you are likely to get a lot of advice about when and how to sell, and about what to buy. Having been in the market a number of times, our family have received some great advice, as well … Continue reading

Top Five Things to Know About Corporate Relocation

Are you being relocated to another city or state by your own or your spouse’s company? Luckily, there are some helpful (hopefully) benefits to having your move in the hands of your job. Be prepared for some or all of the following to happen: 1. They pick your buying and selling agent. Next to having a giant packet of forms to sign, one of the first things that will happen is that you or your spouse will get a call from the pre-chosen buying and selling agents. The plus side to this is that it is most likely in the … Continue reading

Shopping for Real Estate? Don’t Fall in Love

The title may give a different impression than what is intended. It’s not suggesting that you avoid falling in love with another person, rather that you avoid falling in love with a piece of real estate. It may sound silly, but it happens every day. Buying real estate can be a great investment both financially and emotionally, but that doesn’t mean making an emotional decision will be beneficial. Try to keep an open mind, even if the home or property you’re viewing seems perfect. It may look like your dream home, white picket fence and all, but don’t let that … Continue reading

Can I Find a Mortgage with Zero Down?

The simple answer is yes. You can find mortgages with zero down, but it isn’t quite that black and white. Not everyone can obtain such a mortgage, and it might not be as good a deal as it seems to be. First, you generally must have very good credit and a stable, fairly high income to be considered for a zero down loan. Yet, even with good credit, you will likely end up paying a higher interest rate, often associated with people who have poor credit scores. The reason for this is that the loan will be considered a high … Continue reading