What’s it Like to Parent a Child who has Special Needs?

All children are unique. This means that your parenting experience will have some aspects that are different from what other parents may be doing. Sometimes, people will ask a mom or dad who has a child with special needs what it is like to parent their child. There isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to this question. Here’s a quick roundup of the answers given by some parents. NR Today has a post titled “Jemelene Wilson: Raising a child with special needs”. She is the mother of two children. One of her daughters is grown, and married. Her youngest … Continue reading

Bill Could Change Oklahoma State Testing Guidelines

A bill in Oklahoma could change some of the requirements of ACE. It is a test that all high school students must pass in order to graduate high school. Some feel that the test guidelines are inappropriate for students who have special needs because it does not take their IEP’s into account. Standardized testing can be a controversial topic. Many have qualms about the connection between school funding and the results of standardized tests. On the other side of the issue are people who believe that the only way to fairly test all students in a school, a district, or … Continue reading

Tennessee Bill Would Require Coverage for Autism Treatment

Tennessee could be the next state to require private health insurance companies to cover the cost of autism therapy. There is a bill that, if passed into law, would require the coverage. If that happens, it will greatly benefit Tennessee families who are currently struggling to pay for the cost of the treatment that their children need. There are 34 states that have passed laws that require private insurance companies to cover the cost of treatment for autism. A growing number of states that do not have this law in place are beginning to take the steps to make it … Continue reading

School Board Votes to Keep Accelerated School Open

After much controversy, a decision has been made. Teach Elementary, an accelerated school in California, will remain open. This outcome was decided after more than one meeting was held where the general public voiced strong opinions. Some changes may occur, but the school will not be closed. Teach Elementary is part of the San Luis Coastal Unified School District in San Luis Obispo, California. It is the only accelerated learning school in the entire district. Students who attend Teach are in the 4th through 6th grades. The school accepts all students, and is not exclusive to those who require gifted … Continue reading

The Controversy Over School Vouchers in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker created a proposal to make a school choice voucher program for students who have special needs. A group called Stop Special Needs Vouchers is protesting against the proposal. The group, which includes parents, feel that the plan would end up making it harder for students who have special needs to get the support they require at public schools. A school voucher is a controversial topic for many reasons. There is potential for people to object to the system that is used to determine whether or not a child qualifies for a voucher, to object to … Continue reading

Story of Accelerated School Closing Not Over Yet

In California, a public school district is interested in closing the only school that meets the needs of GATE students. The reasoning has to do with overcrowding and different philosophical views on education. It appears that the school district is not quite following the guidelines it is supposed to before closing a school. Teach Elementary is part of the San Luis Coastal Unified School District, which is located in San Luis Obispo, California. It is the only accelerated learning school in the entire district. Students who attend Teach are in the 4th through 6th grades. The school accepts all students, … Continue reading

Thieves Steal Funds from Baby Needing Transplant

A baby with a serious infection is waiting on a heart transplant. Her parents had fundraised much of the money that would be required. Sadly, some really heartless thieves stole some of that money on Valentine’s Day. The family still has a fundraiser that people can donate to. Parents Brooke and Joshua Anderson have a baby girl named Jaelyn. She is nine months old, and has been waiting for a heart transplant for almost four months. Her parents have had fundraisers going in the hopes of being able to afford the medical care that their daughter required. Jaelyn has myocarditis. … Continue reading

Hawaii Bill Could Make Autism Coverage Required

Hawaii might soon be among the list of states that require private health plans to cover autism therapy. A bill, that is being called “Luke’s Law” has been passed by a committee in the Hawaii House of Representatives. An eight year old boy named Luke influenced the committee with his testimony. There are many states that require private health insurance policies to cover the cost of autism treatment. Other states are trying to get their legislature to approve bills that would require that coverage. Without it, many parents find that they cannot afford to pay for the treatment that their … Continue reading

Parents Petition to have Son’s Cochlear Implants Covered

Imagine how you would feel if your child needed a device that would greatly improve his life, and your insurance company refused to cover the cost of it. Parents Brian and Shay Rubin are living this experience. Coventry Health Care of Georgia refuses to cover the cochlear implants that their son requires. Health insurance is expensive. There are families in the United States that are unable to afford it, and who do not currently qualify for public forms of insurance. The result often is that the uninsured end up with a mountain of medical debt – or they go without … Continue reading

Making Valentine’s Day Sweeter for Everyone

Valentine’s Day is typically seen as a day for couples. Those who aren’t in a relationship can feel very left out. Teens and young adults who have certain kinds of special needs may feel that this holiday isn’t for them to celebrate. However, this year several people made Valentine’s Day a little bit sweeter for everyone. Here is a quick round-up of happy Valentine’s Day occurrences. Northridge High School, in Layton, Utah, was having a Sweetheart’s Ball. Typically, this is the type of social event where it is required that you attend with a date. Two teens girls decided to … Continue reading