Summer Camps and COVID-19

The summer weather has arrived. Your kids might want to go to summer camp – especially if they do that every summer. Parents need to keep in mind that COVID-19 is still spreading, and that there is no cure or vaccine. There are things to consider about summer camps and COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have some guiding principles to keep in mind about summer camps and COVID-19. These guiding principles are not meant to replace any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws. According to the CDC, the more people a camper or … Continue reading

Affordable Winter Escape

  Camping is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy a family vacation.  However, during the winter months most clans retreat to warmer venues, even though the season is a terrific time to get outside and commune with nature. If you are game to camp in the snow and cold, be prepared to do your homework first.  For starters, you should never set-up camp in a remote location during the winter. This is especially true if you are roughing it in a mountainous area.  Avalanches kill hundreds of hikers, skiers and campers each year.  Before erecting a tent at … Continue reading

Happy and Healthy Trails

Camping is one of the most affordable vacation options around. However, the idea of “roughing it” doesn’t appeal to all travelers, especially ones who are concerned about staying safe, healthy and happy while on holiday with their loved ones. Working with unpredictable elements can be intimidating for some folks; however, with a little planning, you can make the most of what Mother Nature doles out. For example, if you are worried that eating healthy may be out of the question during an outdoor camping trip, consider the following tips. For starters, you don’t have to limit your camping menu to … Continue reading

Heat Wave Camping

Our entire state is under an excessive heat warning until tomorrow night as the mercury continues to pass the 100-degree mark. For the past week we’ve been sweltering in oppressive temperatures that have exceeded 105 degrees. Yesterday, heat index values hit 115 degrees. And we’re not alone; more than 7,000 high temperature records were smashed this week in cities across the nation. To say it is “hot” is an understatement. In fact, for the first time in my life, I actually heard a warning to travelers to think twice about camping this week because of torrid temperatures. Personally, I can’t … Continue reading

Make Camping Cool

Camping is a great way to bond with family and friends, but not everyone loves roughing it in the great outdoors. Teenagers are especially reluctant to unplug from their daily digital lives in order to commune with nature on a family vacation. However, there are ways you can make camping fun for the entire clan. Being prepared for an extended stay outdoors is one way you can reduce apprehension and anxiety associated with camping. Before you even leave your driveway, check the weather forecast. If Mother Nature looks like she will be raining on your camping parade, you might consider … Continue reading

Spring Break Camping Trip

Heck, with the record-breaking, summer-like temperatures sweeping the nation, why wait until July to rough it in the great outdoors? Our neighbor’s kids pitched a tent and slept outside Saturday night when the mercury was still in the 60s well after 10 p.m. Mind you, we live in Wisconsin where it snows in June and we’re lucky to see 70s in July. Naturally, my daughter wanted to join in on the fun, but I put the kibosh on that getaway. However, I did allow her to roast marshmallows with her pals and partake in some of the activities featured in … Continue reading

Extreme Winter Adventures

“Cold” is a relative term when you live in Northern Wisconsin. After working at various TV newsrooms in the Dairy State, I’ve learned that people take offense no matter what you say about the weather… especially during the winter months. Whether we’re blanketed in two feet of snow and battling -40 degree wind chills or we’re dry and the mercury is holding steady at 20 degrees above zero, someone will find something to complain about. Interestingly, though, regardless of how bitterly cold it gets in these parts, there are some extreme travelers who will take to the woods in their … Continue reading

Super Summer Campsites

Tis the season to soak up the sun, sand and surf, and there’s no better way to do so than to pitch a tent on the beach with friends and family. Summer beach camping is gaining in popularity. While many campsites are typically situated in heavily wooded areas, an increasing number of camping resorts are popping up near lakes and oceans. Among the most popular include: South Carolina Located in picturesque Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Lakewood Camping Resort offers 1200 scenic lakefront or ocean front sites which are able to accommodate tents or RVs. Among its notable features, Lakewood provides … Continue reading

Luxury Camping Destinations

In previous blogs I’ve told you about some of my camping “adventures.” I wouldn’t consider any of them “luxury,” even though the hottest new trend in camping is lodging in high-end accommodations. (Yes, gone are the days of “roughing it.”) These days more and more families are opting to camp in a variety of spectacular locations with added amenities. The following properties combine the best of camping with creature comforts. Consider ditching the pup tent and soggy marshmallows and gear up for deluxe bungalows, maid service, and working showers… at a price even the most budget conscious camper couldn’t resist. … Continue reading

Camping Etiquette

My aunt lives just miles from where fire ravaged more than 250 homes in the Lake Tahoe area last month. According to officials, the blaze displaced 3,500 residents and caused more than $160 million in damage. Fire investigators are now saying that a campfire may be to blame for starting the inferno. In light of the tragedy that occurred at one of our family’s favorite vacation destinations I’ve decided to list some camping reminders. Summertime is typically when thousands of families take to the woods to enjoy time in the great outdoors. If you’re one of them consider some of … Continue reading