The Eat Clean Diet

The Eat Clean diet is one that has gained popularity over the years. The main idea is to choose foods that are unprocessed. It is always a good idea to speak with a doctor before starting a new diet. What is the Eat Clean Diet? The Eat Clean Diet is different from other diets because it encourages a lifestyle approach that includes healthy eating and exercise. The main idea is to avoid foods that are “unclean”. In general, this means people who choose the Eat Clean Diet are consuming whole foods and avoiding processed foods that contain artificial flavorings, artificial … Continue reading

The Glycemic Index Diet

The Glycemic Index Diet is based on the Glycemic Index. It is a way of looking at how the carbohydrates in foods affect blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels. Before starting a new diet, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor about it. What is the Glycemic Index Diet? The Glycemic Index Diet has also been called Sugar Busters, the Zone Diet, and Nutrisystem. The original version was called the “G.I. Diet”. Despite what people have been taught by the authors of those books, the Glycemic Index Diet was not intended to be a weight loss diet. … Continue reading

The Paleo Diet

You may have heard the Paleo diet described as “eat like a caveman”. Other names for it include: The Stone Age diet, or the Ancient diet. No matter what name you know it as, the overall concept of the Paleo diet is the same. The Paleo diet is an attempt to replicate the diet that humans who were alive during the Paleolithic age would have eaten. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before choosing to start a new diet. Where did the Paleo diet come from? The Paleo diet has been around for longer than you … Continue reading

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is among the most well known diets. This is due in part to how long it has been around. People recognize the name from all the Atkins food products that they see in grocery stores. Before beginning a diet, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor. What is the Atkins Diet? The Atkins Diet is the original low carb diet. The main idea is to limit the amount of carbohydrates that you eat, especially during the early stages of the diet. According to the Atkins website, the purpose of this diet is to “flip … Continue reading

The Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers is one of the most well-known diets. This is due to how long it has been in existence and its advertising efforts. Is it the best diet for you? Before beginning a new diet, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor. What is the Weight Watchers Diet? Weight Watchers is a diet that uses a points system. Recently, Weight Watchers changed their points system to a new one called SmartPoints. Their new points formula looks at the type of fat in a given food, with saturated fat pointed more heavily. Lean protein has fewer points … Continue reading

The Gluten-Free Diet

The Gluten-Free diet is an excellent choice for people who have certain health conditions. It is not ideal for everyone. Before you begin a new diet, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor about it. What is the Gluten-Free diet? A gluten-free diet is one that excludes foods that contain gluten. Gluten is the general name for the proteins that are found in wheat (durum, emmer, spelt, farina, farro, KAMUT, khorasan wheat, and einkorn) rye, barley, and triticale. Gluten acts as a glue that holds foods together. People who go on a gluten-free diet stop eating foods … Continue reading

Staying Slim for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is peeking around the corner and bringing temptation with it. Between mashed potatoes made with sour cream and sugar filled pecan pie your waist will beg for mercy. The thought alone is sure to pack on several pounds. For many Thanksgiving is a time to give up on dieting or a day off from dieting. Since dieters do not see a way out of this turkey trap they simply lay down arms and pick up forks filled with pie. But it does not have to be your last stand with you holding the custard. Tips for Staying on Track … Continue reading

Diet App: Diet Genius

Going a diet is hard work. It takes dedication and a well thought out plan. Accountability is also a key component to any weight loss routine. It is easy to forget to journal your day’s eating habits or look up new recipes for the week. For many, it is even easy to forget drink the proper amount of water or eat at regular intervals. I know it may sound crazy but I will forget to eat. Then I find myself dying of hunger and ready to eat any sugary, fatty, food I can find as long as it is edible. … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: Still on or broken?

The confetti has been cleaned up. The lights are taken down. The fanfare is over. During this time of high emotion, reflection and motivation to begin a new life many resolutions were made. We meant those resolutions. We had every intention on living them out. Life just sometimes gets in the way. We resolve to not allow ourselves to live one more day without making healthy choices, working out or focusing on losing weight. Yet, after the midnight kiss we forget all about the resolutions because we didn’t factor life in when we made them. Does this describe you? Perhaps … Continue reading

The Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet is also known as the caveman diet or the Paleolithic diet. The diet is rooted in the idea that humans ate in a healthier manner during ancient times. Think of the hunter-gathers and what they ate. Basically that is what is allowed on the Paleo diet. A diet rich in raw vegetation, fruit, nuts, and meat are on the menu for this Stone Age method of eating. The diet is high in fat with moderate amount of animal protein. Carbohydrates are kept to a minimum. From my understanding calorie counting is not … Continue reading