Yoga Jewelry

Yoga jewelry makes a great gift for any yoga student or teacher. Yoga jewelry is available in a wide variety of styles for men women and kids, including yoga inspired necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. There is a broad range of yoga jewelry in unique designs. Yoga jewelry includes meditation jewelry, chakras, Om and mantras jewelry and silver, gold or brass jewelry that is engraved with Om and mantra designs. Nature inspired designs in natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, jade and amethyst. Often the image depicted on the necklace, bracelet or earrings is inspired by nature, such as the … Continue reading

Options for Yoga Towels

Yoga towels are not essential equipment for every student, but many people find having a towel to be useful on the mat. There are several types and sizes available in yoga towels, so you can find a yoga towel to fit your needs. Towels are available in a few sizes. There are smaller yoga towels that are about the size of a hand towel and larger sizes for the yoga mat. If you need a towel for your yoga practice, a yoga towel is bigger and more absorbent than a regular bath towel. Mat sized yoga towels are generally made … Continue reading

Types of Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters offer several benefits for your yoga practice. Bolsters can be used to help you achieve correct alignment in the poses and they can be used anywhere that additional support is needed. People use bolsters under the knees, back and to support them in relaxation poses. Yoga bolsters are small enough to carry to your yoga studio and fit easily in a closet in between your practice. Bolsters are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics, so it is pretty easy to find something that will meet your needs and fit your budget. The most commonly … Continue reading

Benefits of Yoga Bolsters

There is a wide selection of yoga equipment and props on the market. Some things are absolutely necessary, such as a yoga mat. Other props are optional, but offer specific benefits to improve your yoga experience. Bolsters fit in this category. While not always essential, yoga bolsters offer several benefits for yoga students of all levels of practice. Bolsters can provide support in the asanas. Depending on the pose and type of yoga practice, yoga bolsters can be used to provide support. Your teacher may offer guidance or you can just use bolsters in any area where additional support is … Continue reading

Yoga Prop: Yoga Wedges

The wedge is a versatile yoga prop that can be used to help achieve proper alignment in yoga asanas. A wedge can help you lengthen the body, provide the right alignment for moving into forward bends and other asanas and helps you get the right posture in the asanas. The wedge can be used in many different types of yoga poses. You can place it under your buttocks to help you move into seated forward bends. If the ankles are tight, the wedge can be placed under the heels in poses like downward facing dog and squatting poses. The wedge … Continue reading

Yoga Props: Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are used as a prop in hatha yoga and other forms of yoga when additional support is needed. While this is not an essential piece of equipment for the practice of yoga, many people find a good yoga blanket to be versatile and a worthwhile investment. Yoga blankets have many uses, whether you are practicing in a studio, at home or a combination of both. Yoga blankets are often used as mat coverings, can be rolled or folded to support the body in the asanas or in place of a mat in a pinch. There are several uses … Continue reading

How to Find Affordable Yoga Clothes

Whether you are just starting to practice yoga or have been practicing for a while, one thing everyone needs is comfortable yoga clothes. As long as you steer clear of the expensive specialty stores offering yoga apparel, you can find affordable clothes for your practice. Yoga studios and specialty stores often have yoga clothing, but it is expensive. Fortunately, there are much more affordable options to help you find quality clothes to wear to the studio or for your home practice. A growing number of department stores and the big box stores now carry apparel for yoga. Try Target, K-Mart, … Continue reading

Yoga Supplies: Yoga Kits

Yoga kits are sold in department stores, yoga studios, big box stores and online. There are several different types of kits, but most contain supplies needed in a typical hatha yoga class. What is included in the kit will depend on several factors, including the type of kit, level and type of yoga practice for which it is intended and price. When comparing yoga kits, be sure to check the full listing of the products included to make the right choice. Most of the kits sold in big box stores and department stores are beginner’s yoga kits. These generally contain … Continue reading

Yoga Accessories: Yoga Gloves

If you begin to browse for yoga supplies online, you will be surprised at the variety of accessories available. Yoga gloves are exercise gloves that are specifically designed to fit the needs of yogis of all levels of practice. Yoga gloves are made by a few different companies and the specifications and design of the gloves varies slightly, depending on the manufacturer. These gloves to have some things in common, such as a non slop surface on the palms of the yoga gloves. If you tend to sweat a lot during your practice, or practice a type of yoga that … Continue reading

Yoga Eye Pillows

There are a wide variety of yoga props and accessories for sale in studios, gyms and on the internet. Some are basic and necessary, such as mats and others are less common. One of the lesser known props is yoga eye pillows. Eye pillows are small pillows that are designed to cover the eyes. These pillows are useful for relaxation poses and can be used for reclined meditation. If you are trying a restorative yoga practice or yoga nidra, an eye pillow may be useful. The pillows are certainly not necessary for any form of yoga, but may be useful … Continue reading