Cedar Point and Your Preschooler

Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio,  is normally associated with heart pumping rides and the thrill of going upside down at 70 miles an hour only to endure a drop that makes the hair on your arms stand on end.  That is hardly the experience you want your preschooler to endure.  It may surprise you to learn that Cedar Point is not only fun for adults and older kids but for preschoolers as well.  It is one of the best family fun parks around!

Top Seven Things to Love About Cedar Point for Preschoolers

  • My mini thrill seeker spent her time conquering the rides at Kiddy Kingdom. It provides a nice rest for adults and a place for kids to have their own adventure.
  • Parents are welcome to share in the fun! While the rides may not provide the “thrill” for an adult it does provide a giggling time your family will not forget. My kids range in ages from 15 down to 4 and we all had fun together. When is the last time your entire family had a great time laughing together?
  • The beach at Cedar Point is one of my favorite places at the park. That may sound a bit strange but my thrill riding days are over. We loved spending a little time at the beach before hitting the park again for time on the bumper cars and a visit to Planet Snoopy.
  • If you love Snoopy then an afternoon at Planet Snoopy will be the highlight of your day. Make sure to get a picture with Snoopy before heading in and riding adorable rides, shopping for the cutest Peanuts souvenirs, and eating at the Snoopy Cafe.
  • With a family consisting of a variety of ages and level of thrill seeking, it is nice to have some activities everyone can enjoy together. The antique cars provided an outlet for everyone from the parents to the preschooler. All members can enjoy shows, train rides, shopping, the beach, and so much more. Cedar Point is the ultimate in family fun.
  • I visited Cedar Point as a child many times and now I can share the same fun with my kids. We spent an entire weekend and each moment was filled with smiles and giggles. I highly recommend spending a night at one of Cedar Point’s amazing hotels like the Sandcastle Suites or Hotel Breakers. Both hotels are right on the park and the beach making a weekend perfectly balanced with excitement and relaxation.