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Celebrating Easter

Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. It is also a time to remember the Atonement and the crucifixion, and all that Christ did for each of us so we could be with Him again. Each year you can help your family to celebrate the Easter holiday and understand the true reason that we celebrate this holy day.

One thing that you may wish to do is to focus on Christ leading up to Easter. You may choose to read from the New Testament in the weeks preceding Easter. You can pick the stories you want your children to learn from Christ’s life and read one a day with the story of the Resurrection being read on Easter Sunday. When you do this you should also include Christ’s visit to the people in the Book of Mormon.

In addition to reading about Christ you may want to do some service projects to help your family become more focused on charity. This can help them to more fully understand the love that Christ has for them. You may want to choose a family who needs extra help and reach out to them. You may choose an older couple in your ward to help or you may want to volunteer in your community. As you complete the service projects you can tie them to parables that involve service.

Another important thing to focus on is gratitude. You may want to spend time each Sunday leading up to Easter talking about the things that you are grateful for. You can make a gratitude wall for Easter. Your younger children can draw things that they are grateful for and hang the pictures, while your older children can hang up a list. When you pray each night, remind your children to thank Heavenly Father for the things that they are grateful for as they pray.

Finally you may want to spend Easter totally focused on the Resurrection. We always have the Easter bunny come a few days earlier. This helps our Sunday to be fully focused on the true meaning of Easter. This is pretty easy to do, and truly helps you to focus on the reasons we celebrate Easter. If you have a big Easter dinner with your family, you can incorporate a short testimony meeting or scripture reading into the event as well.

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