Celebrity Baby Names

baby name If you are a celebrity (or just feel like one) you might want to know what your peers are naming their kids. Yes, we all know about Apple, but what about pilot Inspektor or simply Jack?

Personally, I think one of the great things about parenthood is that you usually get naming rights. It is entirely in your power and responsibility to identify your child for life. It is such a big decision. For us, we agonized over names, even testing some out at the hospital to see if they fit our baby.

Did we want a name that no one else had or a name that has stood the test of time? Celebrities must face the same questions, and some of them do better than others at naming their children (in my opinion).

Are celebrities more likely to name their children with unique or unusual names or more classic names? The answer may surprise you.

Take a look at some of the more recent baby names that have been chosen by some of our favorite celebrities. Some of these names are from BabyZone.com and Cracked.com.

Piper Maru (Gillian Anderson). Piper is actually a long established name and one we considered for our daughter.

Peter, Zara (Princess Anne)

Alexa Ray, Sailor Lee, Jack Paris (Christie Brinkley)

Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone)

Amy Leigh, Joanna Lynn and Emma (Julie Andrews)

Natashya Lorien (Tori Amos)

Travis, Sosie Ruth (Kevin Bacon)

Jake Daniel, Lucie Chet, Gracie Fan (Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman)

Brooklyn Joseph (Victoria and David Beckham)

Deanna, Terry, Venisha (James Brown)

Chloe Malle (Candace Bergen)

Leo (Tony Blair)

Weston, Kal-el (Nicolas Cage)

Elijah Bob Patricius, Guggi Q. Hewson, Even, Jordan (Bono)

Zowie, Alexandria (David Bowie)

Gian Carlo, Roman, Sofia (Francis Ford Coppola)

Thomas, Annie (Jamie Lee Curtis)

Coco (Courteney Cox and David Arquette)

Raphael, Aaron, Julian, Dreena (Robert De Niro)

Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)

Fifi Trixibelle (Bob Geldof)

Kyd (David Duchovny and Tea Leoni) As in “Hey Kyd!” or “What did the Kyd do now?”

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