Celebrity “Real” or “Rumor” Suri the Breadwinner and Nicole’s Wedding


Goodness knows she doesn’t need the exposure or the money…

Regardless, a rumor has been circulating on the Internet that the adorable spawn of Tom Cruise and his robo-wife Katie Holmes is the new face of Baby Gap.

RUMOR! At least according to Cruise’s rep, who finally acknowledged that some people actually believed Cutie Cruise had signed a lucrative contract with the kids clothing company.

The rumor is “totally untrue,” the actor’s publicist announced today.

Reports about the alleged contract have been circulating online for weeks.

There’s no denying that super sweet Suri’s face could sell just about anything, but I’ve never seen that kid wearing anything less than baby Burberry and Armani. I highly doubt Suri’s superstar parents would allow their high fashion princess to wear the same outfits we commoners dress our kids in.

What’s more, I’m not sure how the 16-month-old would find the time to squeeze in a photo shoot given her busy schedule globetrotting with her parents. Suri started off the summer season with mom on the set of Mad Money in Shreveport, Louisiana. Now she is residing in Berlin, where her dad is filming the World War II drama “Valkyrie.”


Now that she has revealed that she is pregnant, it appears Nicole Richie doesn’t want to give birth without a wedding band firmly secured to her finger.

According to E! Online, this is REAL.

Sources close to the reality TV star say that the 25-year-old wants to get hitched as soon as possible to her baby’s daddy, singer Joel Madden. According to the source, Richie doesn’t “want wedding pictures of her in a big old white dress with a big old pregnant belly.”

Has anyone seen recent pictures of the mama-to-be? I don’t think she will ever have to worry about wearing “a big old wedding dress.” Unless you consider a size 4 “big.”

The source also says Paris Hilton’s BFF wants a very large wedding (as in more than 200 guests) and she wants to walk down the aisle before September 28th–her deadline to serve her four days in county jail for her DUI conviction. According to the source, the time frame works out well considering Madden would be on a three-week break from his national concert tour.

Rumor has it Nicole’s dad, Lionel, has even offered to help out. Apparently the 58-year-old singer is trying to convince his daughter to tie the knot at his Bel-Air home and said he would reportedly pick up the bill for the entire affair.

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