Challenges in Working from Home with Teenagers

Many people who operate home businesses are parents. In fact, this is oftentimes the main reason a person decides to work from home, so they can be available to their children.

I didn’t get my start in working from home until my children were older, so I have never had to deal with running a home business with small children. I completely understand that the dynamics to that type of setup will be very different. Many a blog has been written on the challenges of working from home with small children.

So it might be assumed that if your children are teens, you don’t have struggles. While the challenges might not be the same as when your children are little, they still exist.

When our children are young, most of our physical energy gets spent. You are chasing them around all day, picking up after them, feeding them, changing them, dealing with temper tantrums and the like. While all of that is eliminated when you have teenagers, what can be just as weary is the emotional energy.

Raising teenagers comes with unique challenges that can really play on your emotions. Just last week we dealt with an incident with one of our teens that emotionally drained us. I somehow had to manage to still plug in and get my work done, this despite a couple of nights having no sleep.

Yes, even when you have teens you can lose sleep. And you can spend so much of your day thinking about some of the issues they are facing and you are facing with them, that it can be very distracting.

There are also challenges in keeping track of your teens, dealing with interruptions (some that are necessary and some that are not), arguments amongst siblings, the phone ringing, friends coming over, wanting to be driven here and there and the list goes on.

Don’t think that just because your children are older (or will get older if you have young ones), that suddenly you will be able to really enjoy quiet time while working at home. You will still have challenges and will need to find ways to cope with them.

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