How to Childproof Your Toddler’s Room

how-to-childproof-your-toddlers-room-find-more-family-blogs-on-families-comToddlers are really good at getting into things that parents wish they would leave alone. A viral video that showed a dresser falling over onto twin toddler boys made many parents want to learn how to childproof their toddler’s room.

You may have seen the viral video that showed two twin toddlers climbing up their dresser when they were supposed to be sleeping. The two-year-old boys, Bowdy and Brock, figured out how to open up the bottom drawers of the dresser and use them like a step so they could climb up to the top of the dresser.

Unfortunately, the dresser toppled over onto the toddlers as they were trying to climb it. One twin was able to get himself free. The video shows him assessing the situation and pushing the dresser off of his brother. A nanny cam caught video what happened. The toddlers appeared to be unharmed and the video shows them playing not long afterwards.

The parents of the two boys released the video in an effort to make other parents aware of the dangers of dressers that are not bolted to the wall. The parents slept through what had happened and did not learn about it until they checked their nanny cam.

SF Gate has posted detailed instructions about how to bolt a dresser to the wall. There are two sets of instructions: one for a dresser with a solid wood back, and another for a dresser with a flimsy back. Parents can follow those direction to make their toddler’s bedroom a safer place.

Parents might want to bolt down other large pieces of furniture that is in their toddler’s room as well. Bookcases can be climbed by adventurous toddlers. Bolting the bookcase to the wall can prevent having it fall on a toddler. It is also possible to use furniture wall straps to secure heavy furniture to a wall.

Make electrical outlets safer by closing them with outlet plug covers that you can stick right into the outlet. An adult can easily remove them but most toddlers lack the fine motor skills required to do that. Use a wire guard to conceal wires in the room. A toddler might grab a wire and pull a lamp down on his or her head. The toddler can’t do that if they can’t reach (or find) the wire.

Remove all choking hazards from your toddler’s room. Get an empty toilet paper roll and try and drop your toddler’s toys through it. Any toy (or part of a toy) that fits through the toiler paper roll is one that could cause your toddler to choke if her or she puts that toy into their mouth.

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