When Prayers Aren’t Answered

The bible tells us ‘you do not have because you do not ask,’ James 4:2. But what about hen we have asked and still don’t see an answer? That has been my experience recently as I have battled with excruciating back pain over a number of weeks and it is still here. I’ve asked, and plenty of others have also asked on my behalf, so why isn’t God answering? I’m sure Paul must’ve asked the same question when he asked the Lord repeatedly for healing of whatever problem he had, 2 Corinthians 12:7-9. God chose not to answer by healing … Continue reading

Can You Be a Christian and Not Go to Church?

Can you be a Christian and not go to church? It is something I have been thinking about, because I have not been to church for three weeks. However, in my defense I can say it is not by choice. The sprit is willing. Unfortunately the body is not. And I miss it. I miss leading the congregation in song. Thankfully God has provided others to step up in the interim and help out in that way. I miss hearing God’s Word preached and our pastor’s sermons. I miss hearing people praying for each other. It is often during those … Continue reading

How Open Are You?

Supposing you were being interviewed, what would your answers reveal about you? What would they reveal about your Christian life? Would they reveal anything at all? Would you make it public knowledge or try and keep it a secret, and be a secret disciple like Joseph of Arimathea was for a time. In the end though, ignoring any risk, Joseph stood up for Jesus and for what he believed, John 20:38-42. This blog is prompted by something I did recently. In an effort to help promote my book, I interviewed a character from Streets on a Map. It was interesting … Continue reading

Short and Long Term Goals

When a team takes the field for a game of footy they are playing with a goal in mind. The short term goal is to play the best they can and win the game. The long term goal is at the end of the season to hold up the premiership cup for their club. As Christians as we go through life the short term goals might be things we pray about and need to do that day. Do you take time each day to stop and pray about the things that God would have you do that day? Even as … Continue reading

Part of a Team

Continuing on with my theme from last week’s blog about an apt illustration, here are some more lessons that apply to footy as well as to the Christian life. Most important for any football team is that they listen to the coach and listen to their captain. You see them before the game, at the quarter time and three quarter time huddles and at half time listening intently to the coach and captain. No-one interrupts or tries to talk over them. They listen. Every eye is fixed on the one speaking, so they do not miss anything. We need to … Continue reading

An Apt Illustration

Sometimes God uses interesting ways to illustrate His Word and the point He is making. Last week we’d heard a sermon about the importance of keeping on in the Christian faith and not coasting along or resting on your laurels and thinking you’d done enough. It was illustrated practically that afternoon when we watched a football match. Our team, the Sydney Swans had in the first part of the game had the majority of ball use and yet trailed on the scoreboard, because they did not kick accurately for goal. It seemed their efforts were being wasted. Sometimes in the … Continue reading

Take the Time

How many times have you said to someone ‘I’ll pray about that’ and forgotten to do so. Or you’ve been too busy at the time and think you’ll do it later. Somehow later never comes around. Perhaps someone at church or a friend or family member has asked you to do something and you promise you will. Then you become so caught up with your own life and work, and problems that it never happens. It is disappointing and frustrating when this happens. I’ve had this happen twice recently with people who have promised faithfully to do things and then … Continue reading

Meeting Others

‘Meeting someone for the first time is like going on a treasure hunt. What wonderful worlds we can find in others!’ Edward E. Ford. Is that your attitude when you meet someone? When you go to a new church or a party or a community group? Are you looking to connect with others and looking to find the positives and the good in them? Or do you go with a negative attitude, expecting people not to be friendly? Our attitude can so much affect the way we react to situations and to people and the way we treat them. If … Continue reading

Good Reason to Take Notice

When God gives commands there is a good reason for them. Yet how easily people ignore God and what He has said and instructed. God through Moses gave Israel statutes and commands before they entered the Promised Land. He gave them these instructions, so they would know how to live in the land. He gives us commands and instructions, so we know how to live. We find them in the Bible. Deuteronomy 4:2 is very clear about not adding to or taking away from what God has said. This is as important for us today as it was for the … Continue reading

Appalled at Behavior

I admit sometimes I am appalled at the behavior of other Christians. In particular I feel strongly about people who are so intent on getting their point of view across that they think their right to speech overrides sensitivity, tact and the pain of other people. Take for example the behavior of those who protested at military funeral. While the law upheld they have a right to free speech, a bit of tact and empathy wouldn’t go astray. For some people learning to be sensitive to other people’s pain is something that is not easily learned it would appear. When … Continue reading