Christmas Puppies Need Pet Insurance

Santa and puppyThere is something about Christmas that inspires people to finally buy the puppy that their children have been begging for. Purchasing a pet isn’t the same as buying a toy. Christmas puppies need food, love, and pet insurance coverage.

It’s hard to resist the big brown eyes of a soft little puppy at the pet store. You just want to pick him up and take him home to your kids! For whatever reason, Christmas inspires families to finally decide to go ahead and get the puppy that the kids in the family have been asking for, over and over again. It is one gift that you can be certain that your children will adore!

Keep in mind, though, that a puppy is not a toy. That small, adorable, fuzzball is going to require love, attention, food, bedding, toys, a leash, a collar, and more. He is also going to generate medical bills for the health care needs that puppies require. That can get expensive!

VPI points out that there will be both routine, and emergency, veterinarian visits required. They note that a little kitten can cost over $1,000 in the first year. A dog can cost over $1,200 in the first year. VPI says that the average veterinary cost per household in 2006 was $366.

One way to help with the cost of your brand new puppy’s medical bills is buy some pet insurance. In a way, you can think of pet insurance sort of like an equivalent to the health insurance policies that are designed for people.

Here’s a few places that you might consider getting pet insurance from:

VPI has two pet insurance plans. The “Economical” plan covers accidents and illness. It costs around $19 to $27 a month. The “Comprehensive” plan covers accidents, illnesses and whatever hereditary issues your pet develops. That one cost about $25 to $35 a month.

Pet Assure is not a form of pet insurance. Instead, it is a plan that can help pet owners save some money on veterinary bills. Every pet is eligible, and there are no exclusions. If your pet doesn’t qualify for a pet insurance plan, you might consider checking out Pet Assure.

The ASPCA has pet insurance. Some plans cover dogs, and other plans cover cats. Their website says you’ll get reimbursed 90% of usual and customary covered charges after you pay the $100 deductible.

Image by Danny Sanchez on Flickr