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Combating Stress with Fitness

How do you handle stress? What do you turn to? While some may turn to junk food, the television or shopping…others are learning that the best way to not only combat stress but even help prevent it is through exercise.

Stress management is something many of us could learn today. Life is coming at us in all directions and it can easily cause us to feel overwhelmed and sucked under. It can also lead to serious health problems. So learning how to combat stress is the best way to stay healthy.

If you engage in regular physical activity, you are more likely to ward off stress. It provides a way to distract you from life’s worries and struggles. It provides a chance to get away from it all, while you focus on your body.

You have more energy, which is something that is sapped from us when we are under stress. But you replenish your body with more of it when you do activities such as weightlifting or aerobics.

If you ever felt like punching someone, you could take it all out on a punching bag. Not only are you releasing your anger and tension, but your arms are getting a good workout. If you have ever felt like kicking someone, you could learn some karate moves. Again, it’s a good way to get out the stress and tone your legs.

Virtually any type of stress you are feeling can be dealt with through exercise. Running can serve as a symbol of you running away from the troubles that surround you. For a moment in time you can escape what is plaguing you and run from it.

Of course some of those situations will remain the same and will be waiting for you when you are done. But you will feel more prepared to deal with them. Your mood will be improved. You are more likely to handle things in a better way.

How does exercise help you combat stress?

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