Re-Evaluating your Family Media Boundaries this Summer

While driving on a trip or around town do you find yourself yelling, “Look up! Baby cows, or bald eagle!” or pointing out some other exciting view out the window? The goal is for your kids to disengage and not miss the world passing them by. Take time this week to sit down and make a plan for your family digital diet.  For everyone.  In 2015 we struggle with all the media options we have starting at a very young age.  Take the time to set boundaries for this diet to keep your life balanced. Look for our upcoming series … Continue reading

How to Declutter Your Social Media

Want to start off the new year with a nicer, happier, more interesting online experience? One way to do it is to take the time to declutter your social media. Keep the connections that add value to your life and get rid of the rest. You might also want to cancel accounts on social media websites that you have stopped using. Social media can be fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to turn into a drama-filled, stressful, nightmare of a place to visit. The problem with following too many people is that it makes it hard to … Continue reading

New Cuil Search Engine Launched. Is it Good?

Big wigs at Google and IBM have launched a new search engine out of Menlo Park that promises to revolutionize searching on the web. As I write this, the engine claims to have indexed almost 122 billion different websites. It gets its results by ranking pages on content and relevance instead of popularity metrics. I took a look at the search engine today. I absolutely love the snazzy format. Instead of boring and unintuitive links with basic lines of text, you get these little paragraph like boxes of text that come complete with a photo or other image. The description … Continue reading

Kids Virtual Field Trips

Whether you home school, summer school, preschool or just like to have educational fun with your kids, you should be very interested in this blog post. Virtual field trips for kids (and in some cases by kids) are a great way to introduce children to places that are not feasible to physically visit. You can also encourage kids to chronicle their own real-life field trips and share them with others, whether through their own website, a YouTube video or through a website such as Let’s start with It is focused on the New York City area, but it … Continue reading

Should You Buy an iPhone 3G?

With the release of the new 3G iPhone, the device is transitioning from a cool cutting edge device with status to a cool necessity still with status. What has changed? With the previous iPhone release, there were two camps of thought. The first said “This is cool, and it is cutting edge, and I gotta have it.” The second said, “This is cool, and it is bleeding edge, and I’m going to wait until they work out the bugs and reduce the price.” Well, now with the new 3G release, the two camps can merge into one. The first group … Continue reading

E3 Gaming Rumors

Gamers everywhere are anticipating all of the new offers in the gaming world that will be announced at the E3 Media and Business Summit in Los Angeles. I’ll discuss which rumors have been confirmed, which have been denied and which are still anyone’s guess. There is everything here from a price decrease in a major video game system to the highly anticipated possible release of a new Halo game. There are major changes in the conference from last year. It is now by invitation only, reducing the crowd expected from 60,000 to 5,000. Last year, more than 400 game companies … Continue reading

Computing Review: June 16th Through July 6th

From Zunes to fake speed bumps, the world of technology is always interesting. Here are some of our recent articles for the Computing Blog. Computing Week in Review: June 2nd Through June 15th Have you checked out the new iPhone yet or printed up some free Father’s Day cards and gifts? If not, you may have missed some of the articles from the last two weeks. Check them out now in the Computing Blog Week in review. Firefox Download May Have Set a New World Record What is your favorite browser? For many it is Firefox by Mozilla, a browser … Continue reading Keep Track of Your Cell Phone Usage

In the world of cell phones, there are two kinds of people. There are those who never use up their minutes and have a roll over plan that continually forwards them to some distant future when cell phones will be imbedded in people’s brains instead of carried around on a hip or in a purse. There are also those who continuously go over their minutes and have to pay a large cell phone bill every month. Both types of people could benefit from keeping track of their minutes. The folks that have more minutes than they are using may see … Continue reading

Fake Speed Bumps Coming Soon to a Road Near You

(Photo by AP news) What if you were driving along a quite road near your home or a busy street in an unfamiliar town when you suddenly noticed three pyramid-type structures or boxes sticking up in the road ahead. Chances are that you would immediately put on the brakes and slow down to avoid running hard over the objects. But, once you actually rolled over them, you would soon discover that these obstacles were actually fake speed bumps applied into the road. This newest technology of fake speed bumps consist of orange, blue and white plastic that sits flat and … Continue reading

Students Use Zunes Instead of Books

Technology has made homework a completely different experience lately. That is because instead of taking home books, students at one rural New Mexico school are taking home MP3 player, Zunes to be exact. Teachers at the school were given a $400 bonus for coming up with lessons that could be podcasted or watched in video, and taken home to review by students. Microsoft supplied 100 students with Zunes for free in exchange for data from the school that indicated whether or not the student’s test scores have increased through use of the Zunes. The Zunes normally retail for $300. Students … Continue reading