Fake Speed Bumps Coming Soon to a Road Near You

(Photo by AP news) What if you were driving along a quite road near your home or a busy street in an unfamiliar town when you suddenly noticed three pyramid-type structures or boxes sticking up in the road ahead. Chances are that you would immediately put on the brakes and slow down to avoid running hard over the objects. But, once you actually rolled over them, you would soon discover that these obstacles were actually fake speed bumps applied into the road. This newest technology of fake speed bumps consist of orange, blue and white plastic that sits flat and … Continue reading

Friday Funny: Boy Were They Wrong!

In 1949, Popular Mechanics predicted that in the future “Computers may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.” Well, we all know how off that one was. Check out some of these very funny quotes and predictions made by famous people and publications about computers and technology. “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Ken Olsen, the president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. (1977) “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” Pablo Picasso. “The cloning of humans is on most of the lists of things to worry about from Science, along with … Continue reading

Robotic Animals Decode Animal “Talk” and Behavior

One of the latest bits of information about technology and science concerns robotic animals that are being used to help decode animal “talk” and animal behavior. Scientists are building all sorts of robotic animals from squirrels to slugs and using them to interact with real animals in the hopes of gaining new information about animal behavior. Other robotic animals (and insects) currently being used include lizards, parrots and roaches. The robotic animals range from just hidden speakers that are controlled remotely by computers to full-on animated animals, complete with gestures and sounds. Scientists set these robotic animals up near real … Continue reading

Yahoo Launches New Women’s Site

On Monday, Yahoo Inc. announced that it launched a new website geared for women. The new website, called, Shine, will cover such topics as parenting, love, relationships, healthy living, home life, sex, money and career, entertainment, food, fashion, beauty and even astrology. Its target audience is a woman who is between 25 and 54 years of age, a demographic that yahoo’s advertisers may have complained about not reaching with targeted advertising. Women in that age group are considered key decision makers when it comes to purchasing goods and services in the home. Shine will have to compete with other already … Continue reading

News Round up for Thursday, March 13th

Microsoft says no Blu-Ray, for the computer user who has everything, AOL buys Bebo Microsoft says no Blu-Ray If you own a Microsoft Xbox 360, you are probably disappointed in the fact that the HD DVD format is dead. You’ll won’t be able to use that little aspect of the Xbox 360. There have been rumors around that Microsoft is going to “upgrade” its Xbox 360 systems with Blu-Ray players to support the new, winning, high definition format. Microsoft officially says no way, denying that it has any plans to integrate Blu-Ray into anything, including the Xbox 360. Perhaps the … Continue reading

Microsoft Fined by a Continent, Suffers E-Mail Outages

You know you’ve hit the big time when you are fined by a the Continent of Europe. Of course for Microsoft, the company has no doubts it has hit the big time. In fact, when you are that big, you can choose to ignore judgments against you. At least that is what european anti-trust regulators are saying when they brought suite against Microsoft in the tune of $1.3 billion, as reported today by the New York Times. The regulators say that Microsoft failed to comply with the results of a 2004 judgment about the company abusing its market dominance. In … Continue reading

Yahoo Buys Video Service, Layoffs and More

Despite the issues surrounding a possible hostile takeover by Microsoft, the slumping Yahoo is actually spending money, to the tune of $160 million. Yesterday, the search engine giant completed a transaction to acquire the online video service, Maven Networks, Inc. Microsoft’s bid of more than $40 million, or $31 per share, was rejected by Yahoo, although now it seems that Yahoo may actually agree to the takeover, provided that Microsoft’s price is right. An asset manager of Legg Mason, Yahoo’s biggest shareholder, wrote a letter to investors saying that Microsoft would have to be closer to $40 a share to … Continue reading

BlackBerry Blackout

Yesterday afternoon, BlackBerry email service went down, leaving users in the dark, so to speak. The popular smart phone device, by Research in Motion (RIM) experienced the email failure due to and outage in the RIM network. Delays and loss of functionality was intermittent yesterday, with service coming on and off, for 12 million subscribers with BlackBerrys in North America. Along with email failure came the inability to register the device, browse the Internet or roam in different locations. Voice and SMS was said not to be affected. The service outage began yesterday (Monday) at 3:20 ET and lasted about … Continue reading

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft Bid: No Solution Yet

Today, Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid to takeover the flagging company. Yahoo said that its board has decided that the offer would substantially undervalue Yahoo and its stock. There is no surprise that Yahoo has rejected the controversial offer from Microsoft, a company that tried to take over Yahoo once before. But, there is still no word yet on how Yahoo will match the proposed payoff from Microsoft to its Yahoo shareholders. Perhaps Yahoo is trying to get an even larger offer from Microsoft. Microsoft for its part has stated that it will keep coming back again and again. … Continue reading

Reusable Camera Pill

Take one of these and I’ll look at your insides in the morning. Well, not quite, but science fiction just got a little closer, thanks to a new tiny camera pill that can be swallowed like a common pain killer. The camera pill is ultra affordable, only $300 and can be used over and over again. Compare this cost to a standard exploratory scope that costs $5,000, or a previously invented camera pill (in 2000 by an Israeli team) that could only be used once, since it travelled all the way through the digestive system and well, emerged a bit … Continue reading