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Concerns of Prenuptial Agreements

In my last article it seemed that there were several positive aspects concerning prenuptial agreements. However many do not feel that they are a positive thing. Just as with the pros, prenuptial agreements also have their down falls.

Many feel that signing a prenuptial agreement takes all of the fairy tale out of a wedding.

Others feel that being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement is a sign that there is mistrust in the relationship among the partners.

Some partners are offended by being asked to sign an agreement such as this. There is then resentment that builds in the relationship among the couples.

Prenuptial agreements can also be used in a negative way of unfair signing and failure to be honest about assets and other personal belongings.

As described earlier in the last article, prenuptial agreements can cause mates to a feel a lack of a lifetime agreement in their marriage. While prenuptial agreements do not necessarily mean a partner is already considering a divorce, they can seem that way.

Because signing a prenuptial agreement has such different viewing opinions among people and there is much controversy about whether the documents create a positive or negative impact on a marriage, they should be handled delicately.

Do not wait to spring a prenuptial agreement on your mate days before the wedding. Make sure that the discussion is brought up early in the relationship so you can get a feel of how your mate reacts.

Be clear and honest about your intentions.

Suggest that your mate hire a separate lawyer so that he or she feels that there is an equal amount of representation with the agreement.

Whether or not a prenuptial agreement is right for your marriage is something that the two of you must decide for yourselves.

Be prepared for there to be some hesitation and possibly some resentment from your mate. However, there could be good reasons for this resentment that you need to find out now before the marriage takes place.