Could You be Selling Your Creations on Etsy?

Today, I felt like looking around on Etsy at all of the beautiful, handcrafted things that people are making and selling on there. I am constantly amazed at the variety of talented people that are selling unique and beautiful wares at prices that are very reasonable. Do you think that you could start a home – based business making things that you love and selling them on Etsy? It is quite possible that you could.

One wonderful thing about selling items on Etsy is that you can make the things that you love without concerning yourself with whether there is a demand for them in your local market. For example, if you love to knit but you live in Florida, you are not relegated to making scarves and mittens for your nieces and nephews in the Northeast. You can create whatever you want with your yarn and needles, and people from around the globe can buy them and enjoy them.

For some reason, I was looking at decorative items for the home today. Perhaps you have made some creative things to spruce up your home. Other people may be looking for things like that, but they may not have the time or talent to make them themselves. My sister purchased a few items from Etsy to use at her wedding, and they are now a part of her home décor. For example, she found a very nice “wreath” to hang on the door of the wedding reception site. It is a large letter “S” for her new last initial, and it is covered in green moss. A wide, white ribbon serves as both an accent and a hanger, and since it is not designed as a holiday wreath, she can use it all year long. Her wedding had a nautical theme, and for the reception place settings, she bought nifty napkin rings made of white rope tied into nautical knots. People are selling everything from shower curtains to wind chimes and much, much more.

If you are wondering whether the things that you make could become a part time or full time home – based business for you, check out Etsy to see how it works and what people are selling. All of the beautiful things for sale and the success stories from Etsy shop owners just might inspire you to give it a try. Be forewarned, though, browsing the items on Etsy can be a bit addictive. Block out a little time for “business research” and set a timer, hide the credit card, and have a little fun looking around.

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