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Couple Stress: Trying to Conceive a Baby

There are several hardships that couples may find along the road of a marriage. As a couple, you will face many life milestones together. You will grow together and experience new things together. Some experiences will be full of greatness and joy and others may be difficult and trying. How the couple deals with these can greatly contribute to the strength and lasting of the marriage.

One of those experiences for many married couples is the decision to conceive a baby.
Deciding to have a baby is a big and exciting step for both partners. It can be a loving, caring, and bonding time. However under some circumstances, it can also be a very hard and stressful time.

Once the decision has been made to have a baby, most couples wish to get pregnant right away. Yet this is sometimes not how God or nature intended it to be.

Getting pregnant for some couples can take months or even years. And sadly there are those couples that never conceive.

The longer that it takes, the more tension forms. The higher the stress level becomes and in return the harder it is to conceive.

In some cases each partner begins to wonder what is wrong. Why can they not create a baby? Some couples even begin to blame or resent one another. They begin to question if their chemistry is right and intimacy then becomes a chore. I know some couples that have gone to the extreme of visiting a genetic counselor to determine if their genetic make-up is compatible.

While not conceiving a baby immediately or not at all can be a heartbreaking and stressful time, it is important to remember that these are the times when a couple needs each other the most. These are the times when you can lift one another up.

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