Coupon Countdown: Extreme Savings in Four Weeks

Fake coupons with ScissorsWould you like to start saving up to 90 percent off of your groceries? It is very possible, thanks to coupons and extreme saving strategies. In one month, you can leave the grocery store with a skip in your step instead of a grimace at your grocery receipt. Forget the expensive couponing classes and read this article instead!

Week One: Find Serious Coupons

While clipping your Sunday morning coupons might have saved you a little bit in the past, it is time to get serious. You want high-value coupons, and you want many of them.

Don’t settle for one newspaper and coupon insert. Get ten or more. You can opt for weekend subscriptions to several papers, but there are better ways. Enlist friends and family to save inserts, ask local businesses if you can have any inserts from unsold papers, go diving in your town’s paper recycling bin, etc.

You also will want to take advantage of online coupons, which are usually of higher value than Sunday coupons from inserts. Many websites offer printable coupons, but you will need to say on top of offers. The best offers, such as coupons for free products go quickly, in a matter of hours or even minutes. Sign up for offers, install deal alert apps, check the Facebook page and twitter feeds of your favorite products and check couponing blogs several times a day. The extreme savings will be well worth it.

As you get into finding serious coupons, you will start to streamline your efforts. You will know how to get the most and the best coupons in the shortest amount of time. You may even develop a network of fellow couponers who will help you out with information and coupon trades.

Join or start an extreme couponing club that meets in your homes or at the local library. The more support and bigger your coupon network, the better coupons you will have access to.

Here is another tip on sharing coupons: often manufacturers offer different saving values on their coupons depending on location! That means that while you may get a coupon for only 35 cents off a product, your neighbor one state over may get 70 cents off! When you double that value and use extreme shopping strategies (which we will cover a little later), this can be the difference between a little savings and a free product!

Don’t be afraid to plug in a different zip code on coupon websites or ask friends in high-value areas to save their Sunday insert coupons for you.

So, now you have your couponing assignment for the week. Take on the challenge, fellow coupon warriors and let me know how you did. Then, check back next week for the next lesson in extreme grocery savings! You can do it!

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