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Crazy Diets: The Tapeworm Diet

As the demand to lose weight fast with little work or effect increases the amount of fad diets also increases. It seems people will stop at nothing to lose a few pounds. It is never worth your health to lose weight. Nope, not even for that sexy little black dress. Nope, not even for your class reunion. Nope, not even for the royal wedding. Your health should be your priority. Now, I sincerely doubt anyone would partake in any of the crazy diets I will be mentioning but it does serve as an example of extreme measures that should not be taken.

The Tapeworm Diet

Have you ever considered purposefully ingesting a tapeworm? I have seen Animal Planet and I cannot image eating a tapeworm for breakfast. Sure I would welcome the weight loss but not at the expense of the tapeworm. When I say “expense” I not only refer to health but monetary expense. You have to go to a treatment center to obtain the tapeworm cyst. You cannot do that in America. You can, however, take a vacation to Mexico and be given a beef tapeworm cyst to ingest. Just make sure it is a beef tapeworm and not pig as pig tapeworms are very dangerous.

So how does it work? The tapeworm interferes with absorption of nutrients. So you can eat and lose weight. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is. Tapeworms also prevent your body from absorbing vitamins and nutrients which will result in deficiencies. However, that does not scare off those who are promised to lose one to two pounds a week by doing nothing but being a good host to your parasite. Once you get to your desired weight you take an antibiotic to kill the tapeworm so it can then be expelled. Yes, you read that right…expelled. Need I say more?

The Tapeworm Diet is risky and dangerous. It can result in death. You may also experience nausea, diarrhea, headaches, digestive problems and death. Did I mention DEATH?

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