I am that mom.

The mom whose heart breaks every time she sees her child in pain.

The mom who feels just as bad watching another mother’s child hurt.

After all, once you join the sorority of motherhood then another mother’s pain is your pain.

I felt that way reading Stephanie’s blog about her daughter’s recent heartbreak.

Fortunately, her daughter’s pain was temporary, but from what I could gather, Stephanie’s ache lingers.

I am that mom.

The mom who regularly thinks the grass is always greener in another mom’s yard.

Only, after reading Stephanie’s post I was suddenly cured on my unrelenting envy.

Thank goodness my daughter hasn’t entered the world of dating.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Of course, my joy is only temporary, much like Stephanie’s daughter’s sorrow… and then joy… and then more sorrow.

Whoever said love is like a roller coaster wasn’t kidding.

I felt nauseous after reading the agony Stephanie’s daughter went through after getting dumped. That gut-wrenching low was later followed by the revelation that her daughter’s boyfriend came to his senses and decided he wanted a second chance.

I don’t know if they are still together as of this writing, but it doesn’t really matter.

Stephanie’s daughter is a young teen who will likely endure at least another decade or so of heartache.

That’s part of growing up.

Unfortunately, no matter how old you get the sting of rejection doesn’t ever completely fade.

Getting your heart crushed hurts whether you are 13 or 31 or 41 or 51.

However, seeing your child’s heart gets stomped on, now that’s real pain.

Pain I am not ready to deal with.

Two years ago my daughter wanted to be a dog.

Last year she wanted to be a boy.

This year she announced that she liked a boy.

Thankfully, that boy lives thousands of miles away and she only gets to see him when the TV is on.

His name is Aaron Sanchez.

I can rest easy knowing he won’t break her heart.

As for the guy who does, I fear that I may break something of his… and it won’t be pretty.

I wonder how his mom will feel about that?

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