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CSPS Warns Consumers To Immediately Stop Using 5in1 Rocker Bassinet

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning customers to immediately stop using 5in1 Rocker Bassinets because they pose suffocation, strangulation, and fall hazards to infants. 

The bassinets fail to meet the safety requirements of CPCS’s Infant Sleep Products Rule. The products do not conform to the safety requirements for bassinets and lack required markings, labeling, and instructions. The bassinets and their packaging also lack a tracking label containing certain information, such as the date of manufacture, required for children’s products including durable infant or toddler products.

The importer, Rev Grace Import Inc., of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, is not cooperating with the CPSC on the recall of this product and not offering a remedy to consumers.

The bassinets were sold online at walmart.com and other websites. The bassinets were sold in green and gray color schemes and advertised as a 5in1 Rocker Bassinet on the product packaging. The markings “Ya.Ya.Ya, 5IN1UPC Code 09331849600139, 01 Rock Sleeper, 02 Dream Centre, 03 Cozy Seat, 04 Travel Bassinet, 05 Rock & Play, Made in China, and Age 1-36 months” also appear on the packaging.

CPSP urges consumers to immediately stop using the bassinets, disassemble them and dispose of them. Although the Infant Sleep Products Rule applies to products manufactured after June 23, 2022, CPCS urges firms to stop sale of non-compliant infant sleep products regardless of the date of manufacture. Report any incidents involving product injuries or defects to CPSC at www.SaferProducts.gov.

Parents and caregivers are reminded:

The best place for an infant to sleep is on a firm, flat surface in a crib, bassinet, or play yard.

Use a fitted sheet only and never add blankets, pillows, padded crib bumpers, or other items to an infant’s sleeping environment.

Infants should always be placed to sleep on their back. Infants who fall asleep in an inclined or upright position should be moved to a safe sleep environment with a firm, flat surface such as a crib, bassinet, or play yard.

American Academy of Pediatrics provided recommendations to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant deaths: 

Back to sleep for every sleep. To reduce the risk of sleep-related death, it is recommended that infants be placed for sleep in a supine (back) position for every sleep by every caregiver until the child reaches 1 years of age. Side sleeping is not advised.

Use a firm, flat, non inclined sleep surface, (eg, tightly fitting crib mattresses in a safety-approved crib) covered by a fitted sheet with no other bedding or soft objects. Sleep surfaces with inclines of more than 10 degrees are unsafe for infant sleep.

Breastfeeding is recommended, as it is associated with a reduced risk of SIDS.

Keep soft objects, such as pillows, pillow-like toys, quilts, comforters, mattress toppers, fur-like materials, and loose bedding, such as blankets and non fitted sheets, away from the infant’s sleep area to reduce the risk of SIDS, suffocation, entrapment/wedging, and strangulation.

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