CurrClick Online Classes

Homeschool Live Online Class {at a glance}

Format: Connects using Adobe Connect
Grades: Kindergarten thru High School depending on class chosen.
Classes: Science, Math, English, Foreign Language, Art, etc.
Teachers: Qualified and screened teachers, CurrClick publishers, and homeschool parents.
Cost: Varies on class chosen.

What are CurrClick Live Online Classes?

CurrClick Live is a division of CurrClick the site for downloadable curriculum in a click. CurrClick Live offers a variety of  homeschool online classes. If the prospect of entering into the world of online learning is overwhelming, then let me alleviate your fears.  The site is easy to navigate for both you and your student. You only need a high speed internet connection, speakers or headset, and a willingness to meet friendly instructors and meet other homeschoolers to begin.  Microphones and webcams may be helpful but not all classes require them so check the class requirements before beginning.  Your child can have the classroom experience in the comfort of home complete with projects, homework, and exams. If you miss a class, don’t worry, the classes are recorded for viewing at a later date. School in pajamas has never been so much fun.

Our Thoughts on Online Learning

We signed up for Wonders of Creation. A lovely class that taught creationism while students put together a lapbook on the subject.  The class was fun, well organized, and provided a new experience for my daughter. I have to admit that until that class I never engaged in lapbooking. In fact, that was the reason I chose that class.  Not only did the class provide great instruction and teaching on making the lapbook and creationism, it kept me honest.  I promised my daughter we would do a lapbook but it simply never happened.  An online homeschool class made me accountable while lifting stress from adding one more activity to subject to my school schedule.  I think we will sign up for more classes for electives and a few subjects I do not feel confident teaching like foreign language. Online learning opened up more possibilities and CurrClick Live made it so easy.  I admit I was not excited about an online class but the experience proved me wrong.   CurrClick Live is a must try for your homeschool. I think you will find it truly enhances your homeschool.