Dad’s Losing It: Birthday Suit

My daughter’s birthday bash has come and gone and I’m very proud to share with you that I showed wonderful restraint with my food intake throughout the entire day. We had only a few hours to clean and prepare the cake before the 2:30pm party and as a result breakfast this morning consisted of a pair of honey wheat English muffins with peanut butter and a tall glass of ice-cold apple juice – a perfect way to start a busy day. There was no proper lunch as we had plans to serve the pizza as an early dinner, of sorts, around 4 o’clock on the afternoon.
We did not have potato chips or dip (an arch-nemesis of mine) and no cookies or sweets out to snack on, save for a modest bowl of Easter M-n-M’s – of which I only had a couple. I have a taste for fine, dark chocolate, so candies like M-n-M’s and Hershey Kisses are generally safe to have around on special occasions like today.
For dinner, I had three pieces of plain pizza and a small cup of Pepsi, but my birthday cake slice was negligible and accompanied by only a half scoop of mint chip ice cream. Not too bad at, all things considered.

Now, I must confess that last night, at a Belgian Tavern in Philadelphia, I had a gloriously unhealthy dinner. I started with a crab cake laced with strips of potato and then fried – heavenly! From there, I moved on to a plate of traditional steak frites – again, delicious. I topped off the entire evening with a 7up and a small Mint Chip cone from an adorable old-fashioned soda fountain shop. I feel like a recreational, or social, drinker of soda these days -only indulging when having lunch with coworkers, out on the town, or at a birthday party. Quitting the carbonated stuff seems harder then ever, a feat made a bit more difficult because I do not drink much else – no ice tea, lemonade, coffee, etc. – just water, apple juice, milk and soda. Because I’m not capable of limiting my consumption of soda, that dastardly drink, to a bare minimum, the only way I will ever succeed fully in “Losing It” is by removing the beverage completely from my diet. The stuff does a body no good.

I have not visited the gym the last two days, but did get there on both Wednesday and Thursday mornings – I discussed those two visits in the Dad’s Losing It Forum. Sunday morning will bring the weekly shopping trip and, hopefully, some bountiful meal combinations for the coming week. It is imperative that I make and eat healthy and complete meals in the days ahead. I also plan to visit the gym and get in a full 40-minute workout tomorrow.

Until Tuesday…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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