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December Preparedness Goals

November has flown by and it is into December. There is still time to make preparedness goals and to achieve them this month. In November we did great with family scripture study in the morning. We still need to bring our flour and sugar levels up. We did not use white beans, but I did delve into our food storage and use items that we had in new ways.

As you consider giving your family presents this year, consider the gift of food storage. If you have grown children or are just starting out yourself, there is a starter kit available through the church’s website. It comes with wheat, beans, rice and oats as well as information pamphlets on storing food and water, personal finances and a recipe book. This would be a great way to help those around you, or to help yourself.

December is a hectic month, so I want to keep my goals simple and straightforward. You can follow the same goals or set ones of your own. You know what is possible for your family to accomplish. Do not set yourself up for failure.

1) One aspect of preparedness is financial. This month I want to set specific financial goals for 2008. My husband and I are also going to tweak our budget for the coming year. This is a great time to look at the things that you can save money on. If you don’t have an emergency fund, consider beginning to save at least $1000.00 for that now.

2) Try to make more items from scratch this month. A great way to teach your children to cook from scratch is baking. As you cook bread, cakes or cookies this month take the time to work with your children so that they can learn how to read and follow a recipe. It is also a good idea to learn how to knead dough, and other basic cooking skills.

3) A great spiritual goal for the month is to find one thing to be grateful for each day. You can do this as a family around the dinner table. You may also encourage your children to mention these things in their personal prayers.

Let me know how your November goals went, and what you are planning on doing in December. Good Luck!

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