Dental Care is Important During Pregnancy

You already know how important it is to get regular medical care during your pregnancy, but did you know that it is also very important to make sure that you get regular dental care as well? A few things can happen during pregnancy that can affect your oral health. What’s more, your oral health can also have an impact on the health of your baby.

Morning sickness can be tough on your teeth in a couple of ways. First of all, many women report that the taste of their toothpaste can bring on a bout of vomiting. The easy solution is to skip brushing, but brushing your teeth is as essential during pregnancy as it is any other time. There are some toothpastes out there that have very little flavor. Your dentist may be able to suggest a few of the more bland varieties, and hopefully that will help. Also, when you do get sick, be sure to rinse your mouth with water or mouth rinse afterwards in order to get all of that acid away from your teeth as soon as possible. Acid erodes the enamel on your teeth, and the longer acid sits on your teeth, the more damage it does.

While you might have to change the dates of any scheduled dental work or dental cleanings so that they take place during the second trimester, as opposed to the first or the third, do not be tempted to cancel them. Instead, let your dentist know as soon as you are pregnant so that you can move the dates around, if need be. If you do not have a checkup or cleaning scheduled yet, be sure to make one. The hormonal changes of pregnancy can leave your gums susceptible to periodontal disease, which could possibly have an effect on your baby’s health.

With the proper care, your smile can be as healthy during your pregnancy as it was before.

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