Developing a Maintenance Cleaning Plan

HousekeepingReaching the last of the three types of cleaning, we are going to be looking at developing a maintenance cleaning plan.  We have already covered seasonal cleaning and deep cleaning.  And while those are important in keeping a home clean, maintenance will be the key to staying on top of things.

That’s essentially what it means to maintain your home, to keep on top of it.  It can significantly reduce the amount of work you do in the long run.  And a clean home makes for a healthier one.

A maintenance cleaning plan focuses on those things you must do on a daily basis.  What that is for you might be different than what it is for me.

For instance, there are two rooms that I clean every single day.  One is the bathroom and the other is the kitchen.  But that doesn’t mean I spend a lot of time doing it.

I reserve Mondays for my more thorough cleaning of the kitchen and Wednesdays for the bathroom.  But for every other day, I maintain these rooms with a five minute cleaning run.

All it requires is one product, Clorox or Lysol Wipes (I usually get whatever is on sale).  In the kitchen it takes two wipes to tackle the counters, coffeemaker, toaster, microwave and stove.  It’s just a quick, simple wipe.

In the bathroom I use one wipe for around the sink (including the counter and faucet) and another for the toilet (including around the bottom of it).  By doing this every single day, these rooms are cleaner and ready for guests.

Maintenance may include sweeping, wiping off tables, vacuuming or even dusting.  It all depends on what type of cleaning is most important to you and what you think should be done on a daily basis.

Once you have decided this, your plan is in place.  You may not necessarily need a schedule if you plan on cleaning everyday but you might consider writing out your list so you can refer to it.

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