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Diary of a Cat Care B&B: My Bulletin Board

I’ve picked up a new responsibility at the cats only boarding facility — I am now in charge of the monthly bulletin board. The job comes with a large (and I mean overflowing) box of assorted cat calendars, cat pictures from catalogues and magazines, a rainbow of colored paper, and more.

I offered to take on the bulletin board a few weeks ago, so I’ve had a chance to plan a bit. One thing I wanted to focus on was educational materials. There are lots of things we do at the boarding facility that our clients might not understand — why we require the FVRCP vaccine, for example. The other thing I wanted to focus on was some of the extra services we offer our guests, like grooming, toenail trims, and special treats. I’ll also do a “meet the staff” bulletin board at some point.

My first bulletin board went up on Friday for the month of March. At the last second, I decided to make this an “extra services” month, rather than an “educational” month. It’s not all that fancy — a blue and yellow background, some pictures of sleepy kitties, and a description of our three different bedtime treats. (Where the fancy hotels do a mint or a chocolate on the pillow, we offer a special snack before bed.)

What I’d love to know is this: what kind of educational topics do you think would be interesting and useful for my bulletin boards? I’m thinking about things like pet insurance, holiday safety, and flea prevention. But those ideas are only going to get me through part of the year.

Ideas welcome! Feel free to leave them here in comments or send me a private message. Pretend you’re going to board your cats with me — what would you like to see on the bulletin board when you walk in?