Diary of a Work at Home Mom Part 11

Today is a beautiful, sunny day here. It is a welcome relief after two and a half days of nothing but rain. It is the perfect day to take my little guy to the lake. While today seems so perfect that I am tempted to think that the end of summer is nowhere near, it is hard to ignore the signs that summer is in fact drawing to a close. For many work at home parents, the days to squeeze in a little more sun and fun before the school bus arrives are going by all too quickly.

As the parent of a child who is not yet school age, I often wonder about the lives of home based professional parents of school age children. Do they have more time for work when the kids go off to school, or is that just what would appear to happen from the point of view of an outsider? Also, what about parents of children who are in preschool. What do their work from home schedules look like once the fall session begins? The only thing that I know for sure is that for every home where one or both parents works from home, the start of the school year means something different. I can only imagine that work is probably very much on their minds right now as far as planning how to adjust their work to the changing schedules of their families. If more time is becoming available, some home based professional parents may even be getting excited to spend that additional time growing their business and doing all of those things that they have wanted to do for a while but have not yet had the time.

In a few short years I will be in the position of preparing myself and my family for my son’s adventures in education. While it may now seem like I have all of the time in the world, I am beginning to feel like I need an education in, well, education. A lot has changed since the days when I went to school and I feel that it may be time for me to start learning about the educational options in my area like preschools, private and public schools, and homeschooling. It could take a few years to figure out what option will be right for our family and figure out how my home based businesses will be able to grow and change as my son grows. This may be an exciting albeit busy and perhaps stressful time of year for home based professional parents. May the new school year bring with it increased success for your businesses and your families.

Photo by jdurham on morguefile.com.