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Dinner Discussions 2008 Week 18

This week’s dinner discussions are based on lesson eighteen in the manuals. The Primary lessons are one week behind. You may need to adjust your schedule to match your ward’s schedule. Dinner discussions should be a positive experience for your children, and a chance for you to delve a little deeper into gospel topics. You may want to add memorizing a scripture a month to your dinner discussions as well.

If you have a child in nursery or Sunbeams he learned about being grateful for his hands. The lesson focused on all the things that the hands can do both picking things up and feelings things. The lesson also discussed the ways that hands can help others. The children learned about Jesus blessing the children in the New Testament. You may want to review this throughout the week.

If you have a child between the ages of four and seven the lesson focused on the power of the priesthood. The children learned about Jesus calming the tempest while in the boat. The children then discussed ways that the priesthood blesses their lives now. You may want to share an experience in which the priesthood has blessed your life.

If you have a child between the ages of eight and eleven he learned about Ammon’s mission. The lesson focused on Alma 17-19. The children discussed how Ammon’s testimony helped him to be a missionary. Then they discussed how they could be missionaries and share the gospel with others. The assigned reading Alma 17:19-25 and Alma 18:8-40.

If you have a child who is twelve or thirteen she learned about being a member of the church. They talked about the threefold purpose of the church, and the ways that they can work on each purpose now. You may want to review this with your children now as well and make a goal in once specific area to work on.

For all members fourteen and older the lesson was based on Mosiah 12-17.This focuses mainly on the teachings of Abinadi. The lesson focuses on keeping the commandments and relying on Christ and His Atonement to receive redemption. It also talks about Abinadi dying as a witness of the truth. Next week’s lesson is Mosiah 18-24.

The young women learned about temple marriage. The young men learned about prayer. The Priesthood and Relief Society lessons were based on lesson ten in the Joseph Smith manual. The topic was on personal revelation and prayer. Next week’s lesson will be based on talks from General Conference. Ask your local leaders to learn which talks will be covered.

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