Disney in my Stitching Stash!

Over the weekend I was inspired to start thinking about picking up my cross-stitching. It’s been a long time since I picked up a needle and some floss. Way too long! I remember a time when I could stitch 5-8 greeting cards in a weekend. Or I could take a big cross-stitch project and really get my teeth into – sometimes sitting for 5 hours without a break, just completely immersed in the creativity and relaxation of the activity. Then came an interruption. Actually an interruption is what I thought it would be. The reality was that my stitching activity ground to a complete halt.

I’m sure that those of you who follow this blog have guessed what the interruption was. That’s right, the birth of my first child. I knew that for a few months I’d be too tired to thread a needle let alone count crosses, but I never anticipated that his birth would be the start of a 6.5 gap in my stitching history. I never lost the passion for cross stitching though and periodically would purchase my favorite cross stitch magazine, and yearn to stitch. I did try as Jake became steady on his feet and a little more independent, but he never was much of a sleeper – day or night – so concentration was more or less impossible. Then along came Connor and my stitching notions were pushed even further back in the priority line-up.

This weekend I realized that part of my health issues are possibly because I need to re-center my inner spirit again. It’s been knocked completely sideways with one thing and another in the past few years and now I need to gather it together again. Stitching is one of the ways I can do this. So off I went to dust the cobwebs off my stitching box and I found something that almost made me cry. When I was pregnant with Jake I saw a beautiful afghan cross stitch kit in the craft store, and I had to buy it. It was a Disney Winnie-the-Pooh afghan, with all the characters, and I knew it would be perfect in the nursery. There is a huge amount of Disney cross stitch charts out there, and I had visions of a nursery filled with my needlework. Well needless to say it never got past the dreaming stage. I started the afghan because of being more or less on bedrest towards the end of my pregnancy, but Jake came early and the stitching was put away.

Now I’m wondering whether to keep the afghan and perhaps work it for a future grandchild when the time comes (yes I know it’s a long way off!), or whether I should just let it go to another cross-stitcher who will lovingly complete it for a baby they have coming into their family. It’s very tempting to keep it – if for nothing more than the sentimentality of remembering the elation I felt on the day I stumbled upon it in the stitching store!

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