Disney’s Wild Hogs Come in First!

Disney does it again! Its new release “Wild Hogs” opened as this week’s top grossing movie in the US. Of course, with a main male line-up headed by John Travolta, and also starring William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence, it was bound to be a success! Each of the actors plays a character that is different from the other, and yet they all have something in common – a need to escape the object of their perceived failure, namely women!

For me, John Travolta is always going to be one of two types of guy – the playful but secretly sensitive “Danny” from “Grease“, or the mature sexy “Paul Brennan” in “The General’s Daughter”. His character in “Pulp Fiction”, like the movie, did nothing for me at all, but it was good to see one of my all time favorite actors in a movie that reached such public acclaim. William H. Macy is another of my favorite actors who I first started to notice as ER’s Dr Morgenstern, and who has a host of movie credits to his name including another one of my favorite movies “Air Force One”. Whilst I’m not familiar with Martin Lawrence, I do know Tim Allen from his other Disney appearances.

Between these actors they have a host of industry awards and casting them together was a stroke of genius from the casting company. They have different styles and yet together they complement each other. With the right script – which this movie appears to have – this was bound to be a Disney success.

How this movie will do against the big release movies that will follow during 2007 remains to be seen, but it’s destined to be one of those movies that will be watched over and over by anyone of a certain age who has ever dreamed of just hitting the road and leaving one reality behind in the pursuit of something better.

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