DIY Toddler Toys from Everyday Objects

DIY Toddler Toys from Everyday ObjectsToddlers have an abundance of curiosity, a short attention span (when compared to adults), and an innate ability to uninhibitedly express themselves whenever the need strikes. One might say that toddlers excel at living in the moment.

The good news is that this means you can make some DIY toddler toys out of everyday household objects that will attract and amuse your toddler. Obviously, parents will need to monitor their toddlers as they play with these “DIY” toys (just as they would if the toddler was playing with regular toys).

Many parents have noticed this little “quirk” that toddlers have. You buy them a great, big, toy that comes with a lot of parts, sound effects, and bright colors. The toddler instantly becomes enamored with… the box the toy came in. Why?

Toddlers use their imaginations and see possibilities in that box that adults have forgotten about. The box becomes a bus, a spaceship, a little house. This means, of course, that the next time you have something delivered that comes in a big box – you have an instant toy for your toddler.

The pots and pans in the kitchen become a drum set for a bored toddler. Of course, a parent will have to wash them after playtime is over. But, if you can stand the noise, your toddler can happily make some “music” for a while.

Does your toddler enjoy pulling all the tissues out of a newly opened box? Set one tissue box aside for that purpose. Let your toddler pull out every single tissue. Put them back in the box, and the fun starts all over.

Do you have an old, large, purse that you no longer use? If not, a reusable shopping bag will do. Toddlers (both boys and girls) love to carry bags/purses around with them because they can fit lots of stuff inside it. Even better, they can carry around all that stuff with them wherever they go (assuring that no one else can take their stuff). Some toddlers will periodically sit down and take out all the stuff, and then put it back into the bag. Fun for hours!

Toddlers like to imitate their parents. They want to do what they see mom or dad doing. This means if you are frequently using your smartphone, computer keyboard, or tablet – your toddler will want to do it, too!

This doesn’t mean you should buy them one of their own. Instead, let them them mimic with the old technology you no longer use. Toddlers love to hit the keys on a keyboard, even if it isn’t connected to anything else. They can pretend to use an old cell phone that is no longer charged or working.

Image by Brett Neilson on Flickr.

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