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Do You Look at Exercise as Punishment?

Do you look at exercise as punishment? If you do, you are not likely to be successful at keeping up a good exercise routine. However, too often that is exactly how we view exercise.

Were you ever told as a child to “Drop, give me 10” because of something you had done wrong? My youngest son who started not only middle school this year but his first year of tackle football experienced that. The coaches would “punish” the kids by making them do extra laps or push-ups. In fact, after one sorry loss in a game, they had to drop right there on the field and do push-ups.

I don’t really think this sends the right message. If we want our children to be fit, we shouldn’t make exercise to be some sort of enemy. Yet that is exactly how many of us feel.

Sometimes it is really just a matter of changing your perspective. Will that come easily? Not likely. This is especially true if you grew up being punished by exercise. However, I also believe that thoughts and patterns in our mind can be changed with a little work.

I don’t know what it takes for you to change your thinking but for some people it means verbalizing it. For instance, as you exercise you could say out loud, “Exercise is good for me” or “This will help me become a stronger person.” Use your imagination. Motivating words can do wonders. Sometimes self-talk is really helpful.

You can also make your exercise routine a bit more fun. That will help to take away from the idea that it is nothing more than punishment. Incorporate music or workout to a new video or video game. We have so many options available now when it comes to fitness. It is all at our fingertips.

Take time now to consider if you have internalized exercise to be a punishment. You may have never realized that and so with that new revelation, you can begin to change your thought pattern.

Exercise isn’t punishment, it brings such sweet rewards.

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