Do You Need An Etsy Shop?

It has been a while since I gave myself permission to go and browse (okay, ogle is more like it) the bevy of beautiful things that people are making and selling on I love Etsy, but I could sit there looking at the things on there all night long and not get any work done, so I have to keep myself in check and only look at the site once in a while. The very best thing about Etsy is the reason that there are so many beautiful things available for purchase on the site is that there are many talented people creating those beautiful things, often from the comfort of their own homes, so that they can share them with the world.

If you enjoy creating beautiful things, but you are cautious about trying to make a business out of selling your creations because you are unsure whether there is enough demand in your local market, I would encourage you to explore the possibility of selling on Etsy. Etsy is a place where people look for all kinds of unique, creative, and beautiful items that are created by people just like you. Here is a sampling of the wonderful things that I found on Etsy today, and the people who created them.

Spaghettis is an Etsy shop owned by Marie-Hélène. She has two children, and she works full time as a home daycare provider. Her Etsy shop features cute, colorful items for children including fabric crowns for dress – up, bibs shaped like bandanas in awesome fabrics, teethers made of fabric and wood, and more. Etsy shops like Spaghettis are a great place to find unique and beautiful gifts for baby shower and children’s birthdays.

RC Tees is an Etsy shop created by Toni from Decatur. She and her husband create beautiful hand – screened tee shirts featuring animal and nature designs. The shirts are made of organic cotton, the ink is eco – friendly, and the designs are unique.

As I said before, I could have browsed the shops on Etsy all night long, but I have a lot of work to do. Do your beautiful creations need an Etsy shop so that they can find their way into the hands of people who will love and appreciate them?

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