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Document the Day

It’s a snow day around here.  And by snow day I mean, schools are closed, highways are blocked, and I am praying that the electricity stays on so that I can post this without incident.

Snow and cold are nothing new in northern Wisconsin, especially in January.  However, when we get hit with a storm as massive as this one, even I venture out to document the aftermath.  Then, I do what any self-respecting scrapbook fanatic does; create a layout employing as many techniques as possible.

You don’t need to wait for a major milestone to craft an eye-popping page design.  Birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations and weddings are occasions that motivate most individuals to experiment with new scrapbooking techniques; however, documenting life’s smaller events may be an even better opportunity to try out new elements or skills.  Scrapping every day moments allows you to master your new moves, so you are confident utilizing them on bigger projects.

For example, I struggle to use multiple art techniques when crafting a scrapbook layout.  So, for my “Snow Day” page I could draw a whimsical design around a photo or two with a journaling pen, and then highlight key spots with chalk to give it a pop of color.  Another way to combine elements and techniques is to use rubber stamps and embossing powder to create unique frames or page borders.

Depending on how much room I have to work with I may add this themed poem to my “Snow Day” layout:

So Much Snow

By:  Sharon Froese

So much snow
It snowed all day
So of course we had
To go out and play

The snow was so cold
And white and deep
Everything looked like
Fluffy sheep

It snowed and snowed
Then snowed some more
A winter wonderland
To explore

To spice up the look of the prose I could use acrylic paints to add an elaborate design along the sides.  Another option is to use clear beads that look like snowflakes and attach them to a wire.  Then, I could thread the wire through eyelets attached to my layout.

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