Does Happiness Lead to More Money?

TeenagersThey say money can’t buy happiness.  But could it be that happiness leads to more money?

Apparently new research shows that the happier a teenager is, the more money earned in adult years.  These were the findings after following more than 10,000 teens in the U.S.for 10 years.

Happier teens earned 10 percent more than the average person’s salary at 29 years of age. But the less happy teens earned 30 percent less.

What made this study even more interesting is that the results were the same, even after taking into account other factors such as the teen’s gender, physical health and IQ.  At this point, researchers aren’t sure why there is a link between earning more money and happiness.

Here’s my take on things.  I think happier teens tend to be more driven, focused and motivated.  Isn’t this what we need to accomplish things in life?

When I think about those moments that I don’t feel driven, focused or motivated, nothing gets done.  And if the teen years are mostly filled with negative feelings, it is no wonder they don’t move on to bigger things.

So it leaves me to wonder what parents can do to help.  First, I think it’s important to understand that teens experience moments of doom and gloom.  It’s not uncommon for there to be ups and downs in their mood.

The key is recognizing when it’s “normal” and when it has become a problem.  Then it may be time to seek professional help.

Second, we can help foster an environment in which teens feel happier.  I’m not saying the responsibility is solely on our shoulders.  But we need to think about our contributions to the moods of our teens.

Think about the atmosphere of your home.  Is there a lot of fighting and bickering?  Do you get into constant battles with your teen?  This can have an impact on their overall well being.

With or without the money factor, a happier teen is just better.  Maybe it’s time to evaluate the level of happiness at home.