Don’t Give Up on Your Financial Goals

financial goalsThere are so many demands coming at us these days, aren’t there? There are the time demands of work, shuffling kids to activities, friends and social activities, and just running a household. There are also all of the financial demands that seem to be increasing, such as escalating gas prices, a rise in food costs, and increase in taxes, and a reduction in home equity.  It seems like a tough time to set financial goals, especially the big ones of getting out of debt and being financially independent.

No matter what our situations, though, we can all still work toward financial goals, even if the pace seems slow and the progress seems sluggish. Any progress is good progress, and because the amount of time you spend on financial goals is important, the sooner you get started the better.

When you have a loan or credit card debt, the longer you take to pay it off, the more interest you wind up having to pay. Most of us, for example, wind up paying two to three times the purchase amount of our homes when all is said and done. Think of where else that money could go.

The same goes for investment. The sooner you get started with investing, the more interest you will earn. The more wealth you will build.

It is important to have both the big goals, paying off your home early, and the little goals, saving $50 off of your grocery bill this week. To keep motivated, post your goals in a prominent place where you can glance at them often, celebrate even the smallest victories and engage a friend or family member to hold you accountable. These are all ways to keep going with your financial goals, even when things seem tough.

Remember that you always have choices, no matter how constricted they might be. Don’t give up on your financial goals, and you’ll be greatly rewarded someday.

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