Don’t Let Baby Crowd Your Marriage

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When a baby enters your family, the whole world seems to change. There is a lot of joy and happiness to go around. Each new day is beautiful and special, and as a mother, you look at life in a whole new way. It truly is miraculous.

But, there is something else that comes along with babies that you have to be careful about. It is letting that baby control the world in which you and your husband now live. There is always an adjustment period that comes along with each new life you bring into your family. For a while, there is no getting around it. When the baby is happy, it seems everyone is happy. But, catering to the needs of your baby 24/7 can leave other members of your family feeling neglected. Or, maybe your marriage seems to be full of conversations like, “Is it your turn or mine?” at 3 am and that puts a strain on things.

Here are some tips to making sure your baby isn’t the only one in the family getting all the attention.

1. Use soft tones. The lack of sleep you will likely endure will make it harder to speak nicely to the ones you love most. But, it is important to try. It is amazing to see how just using a softer tone of voice can make all the difference in making your partner feel loved still.

2. Take a turn even when it’s not your turn. This is a way to show your other half that you are in this together and even though you most likely do more than your fair share, you are willing to let him sleep every once in a while, too.

3. Make some time for just the two of you. This was hard for me in the beginning. I just didn’t want to leave that baby alone for an instant. But, it is crucial. Even if it is simply having a talk at the end of the day on the couch together, un-interrupted.

4. Say, thank you. It is amazing how when you are both tired and at your wit’s end, a little appreciation for each other can go a long way.

Having a new baby in the house can bring many couples closer together, but it can also put a strain on your marriage. Make sure you work at it every day so that you don’t lose sight of what it is all about. The family that you made together.

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