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Dress Your Baby Bump For Halloween | Families.com

There were a couple of things that I forgot to do during both of my pregnancies that I later wished that I had done. One of them is taking maternity photos, and the other is dressing up for Halloween. Pregnant bellies lend themselves to all kinds of interesting costumes from gorgeous to gory. Since there’s only about a month left before Halloween, it’s time to get started on your costume.

Need a little inspiration? If you want something comfortable, you can go for an athletic look with a tank top (or sports bra) and basketball shorts and paint your belly to look like a basketball. You could do the same with a volleyball, baseball, or soccer ball.

Some costumes work much better for warmer locations than others. If you live somewhere sunny, why not throw on a bikini and a sarong, and some flip flops and paint your belly like a colorful beach ball. Or, get out a grass skirt and some leis and make an appearance as a pregnant hula dancer.

If you’re a peace loving earthy kind of girl, why not paint your belly like the earth. Complete your “Mother Earth” costume with a wreath of flowers and leaves on your head and a long, flowing skirt with a coordinating sports bra or a tank top with the front cut out. Another fun idea is to get some sparkly silvery glitter body paint and paint your belly to look like a crystal ball. Add a head scarf, hoop earrings, plenty of necklaces, a tank top or sports bra, and a flowing skirt and you’ve transformed yourself into a fortune teller, complete with your own crystal ball.

Need a costume quick? Dress in a black top and black pants, and cut out a white circle from a piece of paper. Use a black marker to make a large 8 on the circle, attach to your black top, and voila. Instant eight ball. Or, hit the costume store for a pumpkin t shirt or even a nun costume. Go get that candy – you know you’re craving it.

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