Drink More Get More – Lipton Rebate

Are you a tea drinker? I have been in the past, and am trying to get back to it. Coffee draws me in over and over again. When I’m drinking tea, especially green tea, I just feel better. The rest of the world seems to agree. With the exception of water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, not just because of its pleasing taste and aroma. Its health benefits are well documented.

Drinking two cups of tea daily can reduce a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer by almost one half. Up that to four cups and skin and gastric cancer rates drop dramatically. One of the major ingredients that makes tea so beneficial is polyphenol or antioxidants.

I used to hate green tea (well, except for green tea ice cream!). It had a bitter taste to me. I found out what I was doing wrong. According to my Japanese friends, when you make green tea, it’s only supposed to be steeped for thirty seconds. In my ignorance, I was leaving it in through the whole cup. It’s much better done right!

For bedtime, there’s nothing like chamomile. Its fragrance and light taste calm the nerves and mellow me out. If you know the Go-go Mama in real life (that’s me), you know that anything that can mellow ME out is strong medicine!

Lipton’s helping us all out. Right now MasterCard and Lipton have teamed up to offer the Drink More, Get More Rebate. Buy $25 worth of Lipton tea and get a gift card worth $10. If you don’t think you can drink that much (you can), try $15 worth for a $5 card. You have until September 30th to make your purchases. Save your receipt and send it in with the form linked here. You’ll need the UPCs, too. The nice thing is that it’s good on almost all Lipton teas – including herbal, black, and iced tea mix. There’s a limit of two cards per household. Keep your eyes peeled for coupons in your paper.

If you drink a lot of iced tea, or if you are the purchaser for your office, church group, or mom’s club, you might consider getting the 6-pack of iced green tea mix, on sale right now at Amazon for $21.98. Add another pack to meet your $25 for the rebate AND for free shipping!

Link to Lipton Rebate