Earn Cash Back Online with Reward Websites

cash back rewardsWhen you shop you can earn cash back online, which is especially nice now that the holidays aren’t too far away. There are several different rewards programs out there that will give you free money for every purchase that you make. If you aren’t using any of these websites, then you are missing out on valuable savings.

Why would these websites give you money to shop? It must be a scheme, right? Not true. There are at least four major rebate or cash-back websites out there that are legitimate, giving money back on all of the purchases that a member makes.

The way it works is like this: for each purchase you make, the website gets a portion of the sale, a commission. The reward site will then give you a portion of that commission as a reward, usually a percentage of your total. The more you shop, the more cash back you get. Make sense?

Out of the four main rebate or cash back sites, each has its incentives. These sites can vary as far as how you get paid, how often you get paid, how many and which stores they have, and what types of great deals may be available. On average, shopping at most retails stores though a cash back website will earn you six to 10 percent back.

The amount and type of rewards can change quickly. That is why it is usually best to join more than one reward site and compare them whenever you are ready to buy something online.

Here is some basic information about the four major cash back reward websites.


Ebates is the most popular of the cash back sites. It is also the most established one. Some of the promotions include double cash sales. You will also get a sign up bonus of $5 plus an additional $5 for each new member that you refer. As far as payment goes, with Ebates you have three options. You can choose to receive a check, a paypal deposit, or a donation to charity, and the rewards are paid once every three months as long as you have a balance of at least $5.01 in your account.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates also gives you a $5 bonus when you sign up. Referring other members earns you 20 percent of their rewards. This site probably has the biggest selection of stores, including Kohl’s and Sears. You can choose to get paid by check or through paypal on a monthly basis, as long as you have a minimum of $10 in your account.

Fat Wallet

Fat Wallet is known for its extensive list of daily deals and picks. You’ll get notice ahead of time (the night before) of the best deals and bargains. This site has the least number of stores that participate, but with approximately a thousand of them, you should still find plenty of places to shop.

Price Rank

Price Rank offers you the standard $5 sign up bonus, plus if you refer a friend you get 50 percent of their rebates in addition to your own. You can also link deals and get up to a 30 percent rebate, if someone else uses that link to make a purchase. Payment comes in the form of a monthly check, as long as you have an account balance of at least $10.01.