Earn Money with Your iPad or Tablet

iPadTake advantage of your iPad or Tablet to earn money. With the iPad or Tablets capabilities, you can pad your bank account with some extra cash. Here is how.

Selling Books

Grab your iPad or tablet and head to the nearest thrift store. Using apps, you can scan promising looking books and find out exactly how much they are worth in the resell market. This means that books you can purchase for 50 cents or a dollar could be worth much, much, more. Don’t forget to hit yard sales as well, where you may be able to pick up an entire box full of valuable books for dollar or two.


Your blog could earn you an income, especially if you take advantage of affiliate marketing and advertisements on your site. A good blog requires frequent updating, something that you can do on the run using your iPad or tablet device. Use it to take photos for your posts and to research the latest trends. You can also use your device for networking and social media.

Reducing Your Bills

With an iPad or tablet, you can reduce your normal bills in some many ways. For example, you can use price-matching apps to make sure you get the lowest price on anything you buy. You can use your iPad or tablet to download grocery coupons to print or show to the cashier. You can also use this technology to watch free movies and television shows, reducing your need for cable or rented movies.

An iPad or tablet in the kitchen means that there are hundreds of easy recipes at your fingertips, so you will save money on your food costs, since home cooked meals save you a lot of money in a year.

Selling Children’s Clothing

Back to the thrift stores for this one, and make some stops to outgrown clothing sales, too. That is because you can use your iPad or tablet to set up an eBay account or store to sell name brand children’s clothing. Buy pieces for 50 cents to three dollars and sell them for up to $20 a piece. Make sure to focus on like new pieces made by top brands.

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