Earning Money for Furniture

HM-Cherry-Sleigh-Room-ShotI’m trading in my clutter for some nice, new bedroom furniture.

I’ve always dreamed of some gorgeous bedroom furniture. The set we have now belonged to my husband for more years than he can remember. As a bachelor, he purchased it at an estate sale. He was going for more function than form and the idea that bigger is better, I think.

It does have a ton of storage, I do have to admit. In fact, the headboard with its attached  sets of doors and drawers have more storage than we have clothes. I’ve taken to storing books in them.

The color is a light oak with gold-tone trim. Yes, I said gold. It reminds me of something I might have found in the apartment of one of my Italian relatives, in the 1980s, or maybe the 1970s. I’m sure it will come back in style some day, at least for the kitsch. The wings on either side of the dresser mirror have got to me someone’s dream of retro chic.

I dream of a more elegant and classic set: a sleigh bed in dark cherry wood, a dresser, a wardrobe, some end tables that are sleek with handles that are not spotted with rust or jingle whenever you need to grab a pair of underwear. I don’t like my  under things announced.

Dreams require some work, of course, so I am on a mission to earn money for a new bedroom set by selling off some of our clutter. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, since we went through some major clutter overhauls recently and have downsized our things greatly by donating them. Still, there is always something to reduce, and I am getting ruthless. I would rather surround us with a few things that we love instead of a lot of things that we like. It may be slow going, but if I can earn at least half of the money for a new set, we’ll make up the rest through careful savings.

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