Easy Peasy Chore Chart System


Product:  Easy Peasy Chores

ByThe Good Old Days Farm

Cost:  $15.99 for PDF Download and $17.99 for the PDF Download of the Homeschool Version

Use:  To organize and facilitate chores for the whole family.

Rating:  5 out of 4 stars (yes, it broke the ratings system)

Where to get it:  Buy HERE.


  • Full Set of 300 plus color cards
  • Full Set of same 300 set cards in black and white to save on ink or to let the kids color in.
  • Detailed tutorials to help make it your own.
  • “Ask Adult” cards with single parents and grandparents in different skin tones.
  • 6 additional pages of ideas!
  • Entry into the Easy Peasy Chore Chart Facebook Group

Why you will love it:

  • Easy to use for everyone in the family.
  • Fully customizable for your family.
  • Options to print in color or black and white
  • Adorable so you will want to keep it up where everyone can see.
  • Easy for kids to follow and actually fun for them to do.
  • Stores easily if you need to take it down or if you take it out and store it daily.
  • If you homeschool then you can get the homeschool version which includes different subjects of study!

I have a terrible time keeping up with chore charts.  I have such a hard time that I tossed the idea of a chore chart out the window a long time ago.  Simply to amuse myself, I looked into Easy Peasy Chore Chart System, just knowing I would not think it was easy peasy.  I just knew I would fail as always.  And to be truthful, I would have failed.  While I opened my PDF and looked in amazement at how easy it would be and how visually appealing it was I knew I would ruin it.  However, my kids love it so much that the system practically runs itself.  It runs itself.  Well, it would have to because I am hopeless.  Thankful for a system fun for kids and easy for me to maintain.  By maintaining, I mean keeping it up on my fridge.