Eating Healthy This Thanksgiving

The holidays begin the hardest time period for any dieter. Holidays inspire rich desserts with heavy cream, butter, chocolate and loads of sugar. Even if you could resist the sugar tempting you into diet sin you maybe helpless to buttery homemade rolls, sour cream and cream cheese mashed potatoes, stuffing flavored with sausage. There is no escaping the fat, calories, and sugar coming after you this holiday season. You will need to equip yourself with will power and a game plan.

Bring a Dish: If you are visiting for the holiday then bring a dish to share that is low fat and delicious. If you think you will be tempted by desserts then bring a dessert or two that you can enjoy and others on diets will be happy you brought.

Eat Salad: Fill up on salad first. You would be surprised how filling and satisfying salad can be for your appetite. If there are no healthy options other than salad then simply put your turkey on top of the salad for a healthy Thanksgiving meal.

Proper Portions: It is okay to eat a hearty Thanksgiving meal if you consider your portions. You do not need half a plate of mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie. Fill your plate to portions that look too small. Give it a chance you will be surprised how little you need to eat to be full. We are so accustomed to oversized portions that we have lost our ability to see proper portions. Divide your plate in thirds for meat, veggies, and a starch.

Calories Do Not Know its Thanksgiving: It is tempting to want to overeat on Thanksgiving because it only comes around once a year. Yet that once a year can have an impact that goes beyond that one day. Calories do not take vacations or holidays so vigilance and wisdom should still be the order of the day.

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